H5 Beacon

RFID beacon

  • IP66 Waterproof standard
  • Customize RFID 13.56MHz tag
  • Additional Motion sensors with trigger function
  • The push button can be used to the panic / emergency / SOS
  • Compatible with iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time.


The H5 Beacon is an RFID beacon tag with a 3-axis accelerometer sensor, which can advertise iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensor data.

It has a compact and thin structure design, accurate hardware, and robust firmware, which can be used for employee attendance, access control, identity identification, location tracking, etc., and it can also realize remote cloud data management.

Each H5 RFID beacon will continue to send Bluetooth broadcasts with different IDs or MAC addresses. The Bluetooth of the MKGW1 gateway scans the corresponding broadcast data to determine that the person has entered the field and the monitored person is on the computer. You can see which IDs entered the venue before.

H5 RFID Beacon is equipped with an acceleration sensor (Accelerometer LIS3DH), which can be set through pre-set conditions: APP settings. When setting it on rest for ten minutes, the H5 will automatically sleep. If you let it set without moving, it will automatically go to sleep after reaching a predetermined length of time. When you are moving, the beacon will automatically start broadcasting again.


Advertising Beacon Device

Supporting BLE5.0

Ultra-low power consumption chipset NRF52 Serise

6 Slots can be configured

Support button trigger and motion trigger

Firmware updated via DFU

Supporting RFID NXP MIFARE Plus EV1 2k 7b

RFID frequency 13.56MHZ, mobile phone sensing distance 5mm, card reader sensing distance 40mm

G-value, sampling rate and sensitivity of 3-axis accelerometer sensor can be configured

Logo customizable (MOQ 100units)

Provided with your own configuration (MOQ 100 units)

100% Configurable Parameters via MokobeaconX Pro app (Android & iOS)

Size(H*W*L) 65.4 * 43.0 * 5.7mm
Battery Model CR3032
Battery Capacity (mAh) 500mAh
Default battery Life Up to 2years
Battery replaceable Yes
Max Range 120m(+4dBm,With RFID distance up to 80m)
Waterproof Yes IP66
Protocols iBeacon& Eddystone: UID, URL, TLM Eddystone Configuration GATT Service
Firmware updating OTA
Attachment method Wearable with Lanyard or keychain
Built-in Sensor Accelerometer sensor
RFID 13.56MHz RFID/125KHz and 868~915MHz can be customize
Certification CE & FCC


Type Title Date
Product Datasheet H5 RFID Beacon Product Brief – V1.2.pdf 2022-12-29
Product Specification H5 Product Specification_V1.1.pdf 2023-2-6


H5 RFID Beacon Applications

The staff can wear the MOKO H5 RFID beacon as their own exhibitor badges; exhibition staff can use H5pro Beacon with Mifare function as an electronic label for the participants at the entrance. There is a card reading device between each exhibition hall, so when the participants want to enter the next exhibition hall, they can use the RFID swipe card on the H5 beacon to enter, similar to the subway entering the station, drop in the entrance, the card reading device records the swipe ID, and then sends it to the background monitoring personnel. In this way, the mobility of personnel between each venue can be recorded.


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