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M4 Pro Bluetooth Asset Tag

The M4 Pro Bluetooth asset tag is a BLE wireless transmitter based on Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It’s lightweight design allows the Bluetooth tracking tag to be easily attached to small spaces such as infusion pumps, or today’s more compact devices in hospitals or industrial raw materials. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for many industries that require asset tracking technology, such as healthcare, warehouses, logistics, and industry.

Product Features

> IP67 waterproof provides protection against water and dust
> Replaceable battery allows for easy battery replacement of the BLE tag
> Various attachment options for flexible use(Sticker, Zip Tie and Lanyard)
> Ultra-Long transmission range(160m in 1M PHY and 400m in Coded PHY) 
> Ultra-Compact and lightweight design enables this asset tag to be portable
> Integrate accelerometer sensor to detects movement and changes in orientation
> Two transmission options(Up to 160m in 1M PHY and Up to 400m in Coded PHY)
> Two battery life options(1 Year in location tracking mode and 4 Years in presence monitoring mode)


Bluetooth asset tag in healthcare


M4 Pro bluetooth tag monitors medical equipment usage, optimizing its use, reducing downtime, and improving patient outcomes. Moreover, fast equipment location during emergencies can save lives.

Bluetooth asset tag in warehouse


This bluetooth asset tag beacon tracks raw materials, manage inventory, and prevent theft. Real-time location data optimizes inventory management, improves asset utilization, and enhances security.

Bluetooth asset tag in airport


Asset tracking tag M4 Pro tracks luggage in real-time, reducing lost or misplaced baggage risk. This enhances passenger experience and provides airport operators with valuable data on luggage movement.

Bluetooth asset tag in retail store

Retail Store

BLE asset tracking beacon attached to shopping carts provides real-time location info, helping retailers manage inventory, reduce theft, and improve customer service.

Bluetooth asset tag in office


M4 Pro bluetooth asset tag tracks office furniture and equipment, providing real-time visibility, enabling theft prevention, and improving asset management.

Bluetooth asset tag in hotel


Bluetooth tag beacon M4 Pro helps hotels manage valuables, clean equipment, and maintain rooms, providing a better customer experience.

Technical Description


BLE 5.0


40.2 * 28.2 * 6.0 mm







IP Rating



Accelerometer sensor

Battery Capacity

220mAh | Replaceable battery

Battery Lifespan

1 year (Location tracking mode①)
4 years (Presence monitoring mode②)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Transmission Range

Up to 160m – 1M PHY (Legacy)
Up to 400m – Coded PHY (Long range)


Sticker | Zip Tie | Lanyard


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth


Type Title Date
Product Brief M4 Pro Product Brief_V1.0_20230329.pdf 2023-03-29