A Comprehensive Look Into the RTLS System

Searching for lost things can derail your lean management efforts. It not only wastes time but also eats into productivity. Case in point, 37% of nurses that responded to a survey claimed to have spent anywhere between one to six hours searching for items at work. The same storyline applies to various professionals, from engineers to regular factory workers…

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10 IoT Applications For Pet Tracking Devices

Since the development of the Internet of Things, people have been constantly expanding the application of the Internet of Things. At first, it was used to facilitate daily life and

Choose IoT for Elderly Care

Choose IoT for Elderly Care

The phenomenon of aging is becoming more and more obvious, and its negative impact on the society has attracted the attention of the society. More technologies to effectively solve the

Smart Agriculture IoT System Is In a Trend

Smart Agriculture IoT System Is In a Trend

According to the United Nations, the world’s population will grow by two to three billion by 2050, which means there will be nearly 10 billion people on the planet. With

How to apply MOKOSmart’s RTLS healthcare solutions ?

Real-time Location System(RTLS) healthcare solutions Healthcare executives have been wrestling with issues such as facility safety, employee satisfaction, quality of care provided to patients, and costly workflow inefficiencies that affect

Smart parking system using IoT

The UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs predicted that all the world population growth will be living in the urban areas. And the growth rate is anticipated to reach

IOT In Vending Machine Inventory Tracking

IOT In Vending Machine Inventory Tracking

In cases where your vending machine gets out of stock or needs to be serviced, some inconveniences may arise. These disturbances interfere with the smooth operation of services leading to

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