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H3 & H3 Pro Bluetooth Button

H3 Button, an SOS button enlarged Bluetooth smart wearable badge, is mainly applicable for instant SOS alerts, restriction access, and location awareness, aiming at improving workplace & staff safety in healthcare and construction. By using the H3 Button, Geo-fence and restriction entrance alerts can also be achieved to interact with the varied LED notification mechanism, making it an all-in-one tool for workplace safety. Overall, the H3 Button is designed to provide instant SOS alerts and promote workplace safety in various industries.

Product Features

> Indoor Location-based services and SOS services
> Extended broadcasting distance (up to 150m)
> Super energy-efficient 4-year battery life
> Additional motion sensors with trigger function
> Compatible with iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time

> RFID tags available to achieve access control or visitor analytics purposes
> Internal independent button to achieve SOS or self-defined services
> Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
> Logo and button-color customizable
> 100% Configurable Parameters via app (Android & iOS)

Bluetooth Button Applications

Smart Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, the H3 Button can be used to enhance patient safety by enabling instant SOS alerts in case of emergencies. Healthcare staff can wear the H3 Button to access restricted areas and track attendance, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive areas. Its motion detection and panic button capabilities can help prevent accidents and ensure staff safety.


The H3 Button can be used to monitor workers’ safety and improve communication between workers and management. Onsite workers can wear badges to report any unsafe working conditions, request help in an emergency, and track their attendance. This can help improve workplace safety by ensuring that workers are aware of any potential hazards and can easily report any incidents that occur.

Smart Office

In smart offices, the H3 Button is versatile for access control, attendance tracking, and visitor analytics. It plays a great role in ensuring staff safety and providing emergency assistance if needed. The H3 Button’s Geo-fence alerts and restricted entrance alerts can also be useful for managing visitor access and enhancing workplace security measures.

Warehouses & Factories

The adoption of H3 Buttons in large warehouses and factories can significantly enhance worker safety by enabling access control and tracking attendance. It helps track worker movements and ensure that they are not entering restricted areas. Moreover, the H3 Button can be affixed to assets using 3M stickers to facilitate efficient tracking of assets.

Compare H3 Bluetooth Button and H3 Pro

Based on customer feedback, we developed the H3 Pro with a relocated button at the bottom, an added buzzer, and a slightly larger size compared to the original H3 Button. The LED color is default black but also supports multiple colors.


Technical Description


BLE 5.0


85. 6 * 54.2 * 5.2mm (H3 Buton) I 89.0 * 57.0 * 5.9mm(H3 Pro)
Ø17.6mm (Button)


Body - White
Button - Blue (color customizable)





IP Rating



Accelerometer sensor


HF | LF/UHF(customizable)

Battery Capacity

800mAh | Non-replaceable battery

Battery Lifespan

4 years*

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Transmission Range

150m (Open area without obstacles)




FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth


Type Title Date
Product Brief H3 Button Product Brief_v1.0_20230225.pdf 2023-02-25