LoRaWAN®-Based Panic Button

LW004 series is a LoRaWAN®-Based network IoT button specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor tracker objects. It is compact, mini and easy to use. LW004-PB is a panic button it will send position information to server when it is triggered until stop the alert. It can be used in the emergency case for personal safety and alert notification .



  • Based on LoRaWAN®-Based Protocol
  • Support GPS outdoor and BLE indoor geo-location
  • Built-in vibration motor for alert
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion detect
  • Low battery indicator
  • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
  • Support for configuring data by BLE or server downlink
  • Support BLE master/slave mode

LoRaWAN® Panic Button Applications

Indoor Location

LW004-PB uses Bluetooth for indoor location, its classic applications are in hotels, schools, hospitals and factories. Related personnel wear panic button, and deploy Bluetooth beacon indoors. A panic button has an RFID or NFC built-in, and periodically reports location information to facilitate the personnel location. In addition, when personnel encounter danger or emergency, the Alert can also be used to ask for instant help.

Outdoor Positioning

LoRaWAN panic button uses GPS to locate people outdoors. For example, when the site personnel into the non-work area, the management can timely obtain this information and deal with it. Moreover, when the construction site personnel encounter an emergency, they can also use the emergency button to alarm the SOS.

Indoor&Outdoor Positioning

GPS and Bluetooth are required in some scenarios, such as tracking the elderly in nursing homes. The panic button periodically reports their location. You can check whether they are in the corresponding area at the corresponding time. When they encounters an emergency, the SOS alarm can be used. In addition, when they remains stationary for a period of time, the device's Man Down function will send reminders to relevant personnel for prompt help.


LoRa Wireless Specification


LoRaWAN V1.0.3

LoRa Frequency

CN470/EU868/AU915/US915/AS923/IN865/ KR920/EU433/CN779

Max Transmitted Power



-140dBm@SF12 300bpsa

LoRa Communication Distance

Up to 5 km (in urban open space)

Physical Parameter



Net Weight

48 g (±2g)

Shell Material

ABS/PC+TPU (TPU is used for button and frame)

Hardware Specification

Power Supply

540mAH rechargeable battery

Operation Time

4 Months (in default parameter setting)

Operating Current


Application Parameter

Operating Temperature

-Charging: 0~45℃ Discharge: -10~60℃

IP Rating





Type Title Date
Product Brief LW004-PB Specification V3.0.pdf 2023-2-6


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