MKGW1 BLE Gateway

  • Detecting Bluetooth device wireless signal
  • Gateway working states will be displayed by LED
  • 300 bluetooth device can be scanned per second
  • Supporting MQTT(TCP/SSL), HTTP/HTTPS
  • Internet transmission protocol
  • Firmware can be upgraded by OTA and USB
  • Users will easy to get the data from iBeacon
  • Eddystone, ble Sensor(humidity&temperature and accelerometer) and other bluetooth device , uploading these information to the server or IOT cloud platform.
Main Features

Bluetooth Standard: BLE5.0(nRF52832)

Power supply: PoE(48V)、DC(9V) and Micro USB(5V)


Network: Ethernet and WIFI

User can modify the gateway parameters on the web UI.

The WIFI data rate of MKGW1 can be the Max 150Mbps

Main Application: