MKGW1 BLE Gateway

  • Detecting Bluetooth device wireless signal
  • Gateway working states will be displayed by LED
  • 300 bluetooth device can be scanned per second
  • Supporting MQTT(TCP/SSL), HTTP/HTTPS
  • Internet transmission protocol
  • Firmware can be upgraded by OTA and USB
  • Users will easy to get the data from iBeacon
  • Eddystone, ble Sensor(humidity&temperature and accelerometer) and other bluetooth device , uploading these information to the server or IOT cloud platform.
Main Features

Bluetooth Standard: BLE5.0(nRF52832)

Power supply: PoE(48V)、DC(9V) and Micro USB(5V)


Network: Ethernet and WIFI

User can modify the gateway parameters on the web UI.

The WIFI data rate of MKGW1 can be the Max 150Mbps

Main Application:

MKGW1 BLE Gateway Structure
MKGW1 BLE Gateway Structure
MKGW1 BLE Gateway Dashboard
MKGW1 Bluetooth Gateway Applications
MKGW1 Bluetooth Gateway Applications
How MKGW1 BLE Gateway works?
MKGW1 BLE Gateway


MKGW1 BLE Gateway
MKGW1 BLE Gataway Display

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