Asset Tracking Tags

Locate high-value assets the moment you need them. No more fear of asset theft.

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What You Get From Asset Tracking Tag

Be returned with High ROI
Mokosmart's asset tracking tag can enhance theft preventing for your asset
Enhance theft preventing
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can save time in searching assets
Save time in searching assets
Mokosmart's asset tracking tag can promote preventive maintenance
Promote preventive maintenance
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can help you make better-informed decisions
Make better-informed decisions
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can evaluate the asset condition
Evaluate the asset condition
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can improve productivity monitoring
Improve productivity monitoring
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can increase inventory visibility
Increase inventory visibility

Which Industries Need Asset Tracking Tag

asset tracking tag can be used for Education
asset tracking tag can be used for Healthcare
asset tracking tag can be used for Retail store
Retail store
asset tracking tag can be used for Tourism/Zoo
MOKOSmart's asset tracking tag can be used for Government
mokosmart's asset tracking tga can be used for Construction
mokosmart's asset tracking tag can be used for Manufacturing
mokosmart's asset tracking tag can be used for Museum

Compare Different Asset Tracking Tags

RFID asset tracking tag

Long-range communication; can track multiple assets at once; can work through non-metallic materials

More expensive than other technologies; may require line-of-sight to the reader; can be affected by interference from other RF devices

gps asset tracking tag

Real-time location information; can track assets globally; works well outdoors

May not work indoors; limited battery life; may not provide accurate information in areas with weak GPS

bluetooth asset tracking tag

Low power consumption; low cost; works well indoors Shorter range than other technologies;

May require line-of-sight to the reader

nfc asset tracking tag

Short-range communication; low power consumption; low cost Limited range;

Requires line-of-sight to the reader

wifi asset tracking tag

Can track assets indoors; accurate location information; cost-effective Limited battery life;

May not work in areas with weak Wi-Fi signals; may not provide real-time information

Why Choose BLE Asset Tracking Tag?

our asset tracking beacon is Cost effective
Cost effective

Accurate data collection brings high ROI

asset tracking beacon with High capacity
High capacity

Deliver 800% more broadcast messaging capacity

asset tracking beacon with High accuracy
High accuracy

0.1~0.5m accuracy for all BLE devices

asset tracking beacon with Long battery life
Long battery life

Low power consumption with up to 5 years lifespan

asset tracking tag with Small size
Small size

Portable and be attached assets in any size

asset tracking tag with Fast data transfer
Fast data transfer

Nearly 2x the speed of other short range technology

asset tracking tag with Easy installation
Easy installation

No additional infrastructures are required

asset tracking tag with Improved security
Improved security

BLE signals are travelled via secured cellular network

How Does BLE Asset Tracking Tag Work?

A Bluetooth Asset Tracking Tag is a small, wireless Bluetooth beacon that can be attached to assets such as equipment, machinery, or tools. It uses Bluetooth gateway to communicate with nearby smartphones or tablets running a compatible app. The app allows users to track the location of the assets and monitor their movement in real-time.

working principle of asset tracking tag

Why choose MOKOSMART BLE Asset Tracking Tag?

Proven Expertise
Proven Expertise

MOKOSMART is a leading manufacturers of asset tracking ODMs and OEMs. Over 1 million devices have been deployed in more than 120 countries.

Global Connectivity for mokosmart's asset tracking devices
Global Connectivity

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, we also have Wif, RFID, Cellular (2G, 3G, LTE-M/NB-IoT) and LoRaWAN options.

Location Anchor Beacons from MOKOSmart are of Long Battery Life
Quality Guarantee

Our commitment to high quality expertise in low power design means our devices perform better and last longer than our competitors.

Data Security
Data Security

Our aseet tracking tag protects your data with AES-128 (LoRaWAN) and AES-256 (cellular) encryption.

mokosmart provide Technical Support for our asset tracking tag
Technical Support

We provide you with leading technical support, including device activation, installation, configuration, debug, optimization of equipment parameters, etc.

mokosmart provide Customize and Extension for our asset tracking tag
Customize and Extension

With custom firmware and sensor integration, we adjust the current devices range to fit niche applications, saving you time and money.