Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to be a sustainable company

At MOKOSmart, recognizing that our business activities have environmental and social impacts, we must manage them responsibly. We agree that technology companies have an obligation to consider current and future societal impacts while maintaining sustainable operations.

As such, we enact corporate social responsibility initiatives focusing on the environment, our people, customers, community, and supply chain. These programs aim to reduce our footprint, empower communities, care for our employees, and maintain ethical integrity. Together, we strive to integrate ethics and positive impact into everything we do to conduct business ethnically.

Business ethics & integrity

We firmly believe our conduct is as vital as our results. Success must be achieved the right way, through ethical means. This ethos guides our interactions everyday. We treat our workmates, customers, partners and communities with honesty and respect. Trust is earned through transparency, not just transactions.

The staff at the MOKOSmart office are concentrating on their work
stretches of green grassland

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable development and reducing ecological impact will not waver. We enact renewable energy and green building initiatives to minimize our footprint. Furthermore, we develop smart energy solutions that decrease fossil fuel reliance. Our goal is building a better future through conservation efforts and eco-friendly partnerships.

Community Engagement

Through organized fundraising by volunteers from our team, our employees pitch in for non-profit organizations and charities. This boosts our team’s morale, forges meaningful bonds, and nurtures a shared effort that extends well beyond our company. All contribute to positive and enduring influence in the communities we serve.

Employees participating in tree planting activities
Employees drumming the ball on sunny afternoon with smile

Employee Wellbeing & Safety

Employee well-being is paramount at MOKOSmart. We offer not just a serene workspace and comprehensive medical coverage, but also host diverse team-building events for promoting both physical and mental health. Safety is ensured through training, emergency resources, and regular inspections, fostering a secure work environment.

Supply Chain

At MOKOSmart, we’re all about ethical supply chains. We team up with suppliers who share our commitment to fairness and sustainability. Through close collaboration and thorough audits, we make sure that safe and ethical standards run through every link in our supply chain.

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Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection

Safeguarding customer and employee data is critical to earning trust. Our data practices adhere to global privacy laws through restricted access controls, encryption, consent requirements, and compliance training. We welcome inquiries related to our privacy policies.

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