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L01/L01A Wayfinding Tag

The L01/L01A wayfinding tag, a BLE technology-based and impressive battery life positioning beacon, is ideal for indoor wayfinding and navigation, proximity marketing, and asset tracking in hospitals, shopping malls, and warehouses.

Besides, the L01 wayfinding anchor combines indoor positioning and condition monitoring in one solution. By integrating with temperature, humidity, and barometer sensors, it alerts when ambient conditions go out of spec for early issue detection. This consolidated hardware simplifies monitoring and skips the hassle of multiple devices. Use anywhere you need to merge positioning and monitoring to drive ROI.

Product Features

> Offer a variety of flexible structures and supporting installations
> Long-lasting 2400mAh large-capacity battery (replaceable)
> Rotate the battery to replace it without removing the entire product
> Integrate temperature, humidity, and barometric sensor (optional)

> Integrate 3-axis accelerometer and hall-effect sensor
> Can store 50,000 + groups of temperature and humidity data
> High-accuracy sensing and wide broadcast range (up to 150 meters)
> 100% configuratble parameters via App (Both Android & IOS)


Personalized wayfinding with high accuracy

Personalized wayfinding with high accuracy

L01 wayfinding beacons are deployed throughout large facilities and broadcast signals to user devices. By pinpointing user locations based on these beacon signals, the L01 offers precisely accurate turn-by-turn indoor navigation. Guide visitors through venues like airports, shopping centers, hospitals. Help users reach their destination on time.

Innovative rotating battery design

The L01 wayfinding tag has an innovative rotating bottom cover that provides quick access to the battery compartment. Simply twist off the cover to swap batteries without removing the entire tag from its mounted position. This saves time and effort during maintenance.

Innovative rotating battery design
Flexible installation options

Flexible installation options

Mount using 3M stickers, screw-locked bottom covers, or screw-locked mounting brackets. The adaptable mounting solutions enable the L01 wayfinding tag to suit any environment. Install the tags wherever needed to best meet the navigation needs of each facility.

Applications of L01 Wayfinding Tag

General Specs


BLE 5.0


76.2*53.6*24.0mm (L01) Φ54.5*24.0mm (L01A)





IP Rating



Temperature&Humidity sensor
Hall effect sensor
Accelerometer sensor
Barometric pressure sensor

Battery Capacity

2400mAh | replaceable battery

Flash memory

2M Bytes

Battery lifespan

8+ years - 5s reporting

Operating temperaure

-20°C to 60°C
(Can be extended to -40°C~85°C)

Tramsmission range

Up to 150m (Without any obstacles)


Sticker | Screw | Zip Tie


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth

Temperature & Humidity sensor

Accuracy tolerance

±0.2°C(condition: 0°C - 60°C)
±1.8% RH(condition: 20% - 80% RH)


0.1°C | 0.1% RH

Operating temperature

-40°C - 125°C | 0 - 100 %RH

History storage

50000 groups

Barometric Pressure Sensor

Pressure measurement range

30kPa - 125kPa

Relative pressure accuracy



Type Title Date
Product Brief L01 Tag Product Brief_V1.0_20230802.pdf 10/14/2023

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