LoRaWAN®-Based Solution

MOKOSmart offers specialized end-to-end solutions for LoRaWAN®-based end devices. Leveraging LoRa® technology, our product lineup includes a variety of LoRaWAN nodes and gateways across diverse industry verticals.

What is LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN® is a point-to-multipoint networking protocol that enables long-range, low-power wireless communication for IoT sensor and gateway deployment. It uses a LoRa modulation scheme developed by Semtech that facilitates communication over Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN). LoRaWAN connects wireless devices to the internet in regional, national, or global networks without needing high bandwidth or power consumption.

Long Power Consumption

Because of the ultra-low power of the LoRaWAN protocol and the excellent design of our LoRaWAN product, battery-operated devices can operate for over 10 years.

Long Range

LoRa can communicate with far-away assets: over 10 miles (15 km) in rural areas and up to 3 miles (5 km) in urban environments.

Low Cost

A LoRaWAN gateway can communicate with up to 1000 LoRaWAN-compliant end nodes – at no cost utilizing global license-free ISM radio bands.

How Does LoRaWAN Work

Explore Our LoRaWAN Devices Solutions

We provide complete LoRaWAN-based hardware solutions to help you build innovative IoT applications across industries. Our LoRaWAN end devices and gateways are carefully designed for high-quality performance in real-world deployments.

LoRaWAN Sensors

Gather environmental data with MOKO's broad range of robust, IP67-rated LoRaWAN sensors for challenging deployments. Options include parking sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, PIR sensor, etc. All are battery-powered for flexible long-term operation.

LoRaWAN Trackers

For tracking needs, MOKO provides LoRaWAN trackers integrating GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi positioning. We also offer LR1110 chip-based mini trackers connecting to the LoRa Cloud and smart rechargeable badge trackers with loud buzzers.

LoRaWAN Gateways

Leveraging wireless expertise, MOKO LoRaWAN gateways deliver optimum performance whether indoors or outdoors. Choose the right gateway from our flexible options for gathering sensor/tracker/plug data and bridging to the cloud.

LoRaWAN Plugs

MOKO has you covered with our broad range of robust LoRaWAN plug options, including UK, US, FR and EU types. All plugs support a wide input voltage range and provide ±0.5 energy consumption monitoring.

LoRa Modules

Choose from our selection of high-performance LoRa modules leveraging nRF52 series chips and Semtech chips to meet your wireless needs. We also offer a LoRa Module Development Kit for prototyping during design.

Fast and Flexible LNS Integration

Our LoRaWAN IoT devices support global region deployments and integrate with multiple LoRa Network Servers (LNS) as well as packet forwarders for flexibility. For simplified remote management, the built-in OpenWRT operating system on our LoRaWAN gateways enables secure commissioning and controls.


Our Turnkey Services for LoRaWAN Devices

With a decade of LoRaWAN expertise, we’ve got you covered from engineering and prototyping to certification and manufacturing – all in one go. As your trusted strategic partner, we reliably bring visions to life, earning our stripes as a go-to hardware partner for global IoT success.

Hardware Design

Premium components, precise schematics, optimized PCB layout

Mechanical Design

Expert ergonomics, appealing ID design, rapid tool creation

Firmware Development

Efficient firmware, intuitive interfaces, hardware-aligned apps

Fast Prototyping

Quick and efficient firmware flashing, precise hardware assembly, enclosure proofing

Quality Engineering

Reliable hardware testing, rigorous functionality testing, robust reliability assessments

Factory Production

13000㎡+ production areas, 260+ factory workers, 1M+ unit per year

White Labeling

Dependable logo printing, transparent customization options, polished end product

LoRaWAN Compliance

Expert LoRaWAN guidance, seamless network integration, certification compliance like CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.

1V1 ODM Service to Build Your LoRaWAN IoT Devices

Endless LoRaWAN Solution Applications

cows wearing LoRaWAN trackers

Smart Agriculture

> Crop monitoring for soil moisture, temperature, and humidity.
> Livestock tracking and health monitoring.

Smart Cities

> Waste management optimization.
> Smart parking solutions.
> Environmental monitoring (air quality, noise, etc.).

Smart Healthcare

> Patient monitoring and asset tracking in hospitals.
> Cold chain monitoring for pharmaceuticals.

Asset Tracking

> Real-time tracking of containers, or valuable assets.
> Monitoring and optimizing vehicle fleets.

Smart Utilities

> Remote monitoring of water and gas meters.
> Smart grid solutions for energy management.
> Smart street lighting for energy savings.

Building Automation

> Smart building systems for energy efficiency.
> Security and access control systems.

FAQs for LoRaWAN Devices

Yes, LoRaWAN operates on global open standards to ensure interoperability. The LoRa Alliance, a non-profit association, manages and promotes these standards, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for the development and deployment of LoRaWAN technology.

LoRaWAN is optimized for low-power, long-range communication with a focus on IoT devices. Unlike Wi-Fi or cellular networks, LoRaWAN offers extended battery life for devices and is cost-effective, making it ideal for applications requiring wide-area coverage and efficient power consumption.

LoRaWAN networks are highly scalable, capable of supporting thousands of devices on a single network. The architecture allows for easy expansion and adaptation to the growing needs of IoT applications, making it suitable for large-scale deployments.

LoRaWAN devices can operate both indoors and outdoors. The range is influenced by various factors such as the frequency used, the presence of obstacles, and the transmission power of devices. In general, LoRaWAN offers reliable communication over long distances.

The deployment process involves planning, installing gateways, connecting devices, and configuring the network. The LoRaWAN ecosystem provides tools and resources to simplify the deployment process, and many vendors offer end-to-end solutions for a seamless implementation experience.

Ready to craft end-to-end LoRaWAN device solutions together?