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LW006 LoRaWAN Smart Badge

The LW006 Smart Badge is a multi-tech tracker that combines LoRaWAN network with Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS for reliable indoor and outdoor positioning. This slim, card-sized badge features an alert button for employees to trigger emergency alarms in need. Its adaptive positioning enables tracking across remote and high-traffic worksites.

With its emergency alarm and seamless monitoring capabilities, the smart badge enhances workforce safety. Its energy-efficient and rechargeable design provides over 90 days of operation per charge. The LW006 smart badge is an ideal solution for workforce tracking, safety and security monitoring.


Product Features

> LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS positioning technologies
> Noticeable alarm button and clear audible alarm beep
> Multiple working modes: standby, timing, periodic, motion sensing
> Convenient magnetic charging method
> IP67 waterproof and durable construction

> Operates in a wide temperature range from -20 to +60°C
> Lightweight at 70g and slim badge design
> 1500mAh rechargeable battery lasting up to 3 months
> Supports multiple LoRa frequency bands
> ATEX certified explosion-proof version available


LW006 multitech tracking of Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS

Ubiquitous visibility with multi-tech tracking

With its multi-technology design combining LoRaWAN, BLE, WiFi and GPS, the LW006 LoRaWAN smart badge provides unmatched accuracy in locating personnel – whether they’re indoors, outdoors or in transit. Always know where your mobile workers and personnel are.

Instant emergency alerts for enhanced Safety

The LoRaWAN smart badge contains a prominent alarm button that activates a piercing audible beep when pressed, instantly signaling an emergency situation. This vital feature enables users to call for aid the moment a threat arises.

LW006 lorawan smart badge instant emergency alerts
LW006 rechargeable

Extended battery life, effortless charging

The LW006 smart badge uses ultra low power LoRaWAN technology, delivering exceptional battery life for daily use. When it’s time to recharge, the convenient magnetic charging makes powering up simple and efficient.

Applications of LW006 LoRaWAN Smart Badge

General Specs

LoRa Wireless Specification

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.0.3

LoRa Frequency

EU868/AU915/US915/AS923/IN865/KR920/EU433/CN470 /CN779/RU86/AS923-1/AS923-2/AS923-3/AS923-4


Support 2 versions: Traditional GPS and Semtech LoRa Cloud

Tx Power

Max 21dBm


-137dBm@SF12 300bps

BLE Wireless Specification

Bluetooth® (BLE)


TX Power

Max 8 dBm

Physical Parameter


96.5*61.6*10mm / 103.3*68.4*11.8mm(Includes lugs)



Power Consumption

Power Supply

1500mAh Rechargeable battery

Application Parameter

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ + 60℃

Operating Humidity

5%-95%(No condensation)

IP Rating


Alarm status indication

Vibration/buzzer/ LED indicator


ATEX certified version optional


Type Title Date
Product Brief LW006 Smart Badge Brief.pdf 10/09/2023

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