Cold Chain Solutions

Our cold Chain Solutions are IoT technology for your logistics needs. From farm to supermarket, MOKOSmart utilizes Bluetooth beacons and LoRaWAN technology to help you keep track of your logistics status.

The cold chain technology is now more vital since there is a high demand for refrigerated system capacities. The increasing need has brought up the demand for quality fresh products.
Also, the medical industry is growing more contingent on cold chain beacon technology. This is because more than 20% of all drugs produced are tanked up due to malfunctions. More worse is wastage of food as every year, billions of tons of food go to waste. Our MOKOSmart cold chain solutions help you to solve all these problems.

IoT devices with cold chain technology


TH Beacon

H4-P5202DH2 Beacon

Temperature & Humidity Sensor Beacon

MOKOBeacon cold chain monitoring features

Temperature&Humidity sensors

Temperature and humidity function can be selected one of it any time

Location tags

Using location tags, the remote monitoring centre queries the position of any product or package in real-time. These on-site location sensors sporadically report their work status.


IP66 Waterproof without external sensor


Real-time data converting, up to 4000 data can be stored and uploaded


SHT30 T&H sensor(0℃~65℃/10%~65%) with trigger function.

Motion trigger

The sensor has SOS trigger function so it can detects and reports the motion status in real-time.


1.Minimizes cost

2.Enhances the safety of the products

5.Maintains the quality and continuity of products hence contributing to improved customer support and gratification

3.Minimizes spoilage of products, thereby leading to improved shipment profits

6.Cold chains enable products to get a new market with ease and improve exports.

4.Lowers the risk of faulty goods before they reach the final consumers

7.Enhances a better regulatory compliance

1.Minimizes cost

2.Enhances the safety of the products

3.Minimizes spoilage of products, thereby leading to improved shipment profits

4.Lowers the risk of faulty goods before they reach the final consumers

5.Maintains the quality and continuity of products hence contributing to improved customer support and gratification

6.Cold chains enable products to get a new market with ease and improve exports.

7.Enhances a better regulatory compliance

Our capacity for cold chain solutions

MOKOSmart cold chain solutions effectively enable your business to remain compliant, attain product superiority and connect working competencies. Retain the integrity of cold chains through every single stage of the delivery process with the various elements of cold chain solutions from MOKOSmart.
We have IoT temperature sensors for use in manufacturing, warehouses, and during shipment. Also, MOKOsmart has wireless tags with temperature sensors for cold chain tracking that can be fixed on trucks, ISO carriage containers, freezers and warehouses, providing you with an end-to-end perception all through the whole supply chain.

Sensors Devices

IoT Solutions

Firmware Programming

Customizable Logo&Firmware&Shelf

SDK&API Provided

Why work with MOKO for your cold chain solution?

MOKO is the leading temperature-controlled cold chains provider. Our various interrupted types of cold chain solutions will enable you to:

  • Quickly identify any fault that may arise on your cold chain
  • Prevent financial losses linked to products spoilage
  • Improve the quality of food, safety and customer’s value
  • Lengthen shelf life
  • Make sure that products are transported and stored in line with the commended temperature range
  • Improve financial prosperity, and cash flow
  • Acquire data understandings for optimization and healthier decision making
  • Logo and firmware are customizable
  • Prolong maintainance period


An IoT supply chain that is temperature-controlled is called an IoT cold chain. All Cold chain solutions safeguard products’ safety as they move through a chain of refrigerated manufacturing, storage and distribution stages. Some of the primary uses of cold chain IoT solutions include:

Solving cold storage concerns promptly

Conveying automated data through IoT-powered sensors to the management of cold chain operations

Remote monitoring of the cold supply chains


Multiple industries benefit from cold chain technology. Industries offering perishable products like meat, dairy, and frozen foods are the prominent industries that apply cold chain technologies. Other industrial products that use colds chain solutions include;

Global cold chain monitoring market share, by application, 2021(%)

Refrigerated logistics

  • Warrants that well chilled fresh and frozen food is available to consumers in the right state.
  • Assists to evade ecological contamination brought by temperature-ruined products

Biopharma drugs and vaccines

  • Safeguards drugs from damage brought about by freezing or overheating.
  • Helps to preserves the temperature integrity of drugs and organic samples during heated routes.
  • Reduce the chances of costly drug loss and spoilage claims of life-compromising.

Manufacturing industry

  • Assists in recording real-time ecological settings of shipments during the whole supply chain.
  • Monitors signals and shocks throughout the production, operation, storage and distribution stages.
  • Notifies the user when packages are exposed to temperatures that can surpass the protective abilities of the products.

Dring force

The IoT cold chain monitoring regional markets have been segmented into six regions. The Asia Pacific is anticipated to rise as the fastest-growing regional market. It will open substantial development opportunities for all companies predicting long-term investments. Some of the factors that are projected to drive the expansion of IoT cold chain monitoring regional markets include;

The growing population

Rapid industrialization

The sustained rollout of transportation and warehousing networks

The increasingly rise in demand for canned and processed food products

What is the IoT cold chain process?

The cold chain process has various points that the product goes through. At every stage, the required set temperatures must always be maintained.

The IoT cold chain process is as shown below:

The IoT cold chain process has some added links in the Cold Chain Pharma Solutions as products are first delivered to medical establishments before reaching the end consumer.

How does cold chain solution work?

The main aim of cold chain solutions is to ensure that the quality of products is not compromised as the products move through the supply chains. Therefore, this is achieved by sustaining a constant temperature. Cold chain solutions help monitor and log in the cold chain data and temperatures, thus preventing the products and packages from being compromised before the final consumer receives them. Cold chain solutions are essential as once a product loses its potency, it becomes hard to regain or restore its viability.

IoT technologies used in cold chains


Barcodes are tags stuck on packages or products with a data representation of a readable visual machine denoting a little about that packages or products.

RFID Solutions

The RFID technology incorporates mini-circuitry tags recognizable by radio waves.

BLE Beacon Solutions

BLE, Beacons and Bluetooth tags resemble the dynamic RFID tags. They have intrinsic batteries that offer them long read ranges.

NFC Technology

The Near-Field Communication technology is the most recent IoT cold chains solution. It is closely related to the RFIDF technology as they both work in the same bandwidth of high-frequency.