ESP32 WIFI Socket MK115

MK115 is a WiFi socket device using Wi-Fi connection wireless technology that turns your typical electrical device into a smart, controllable, and multi-functional device.And it has a small, compact enclosure, also easy for installation.

This WiFi socket can be operated using the button on the casing or via mobile APP through WIFI.It works as a power controller with very high measuring accuracy. and mainly used in household appliance control and industrial equipment control so as to monitor the power consumption and save energy.

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Type F & Type E

Functional Block Diagram

  • Standard hardware and firmware support MQTT servers ,also support your own cloud server
  • Communication protocol is based on MQTT V3.1.1
MK115 WiFI socket plug Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

MK115 Product Features

A multifunctional smart device makes power under control

Power meter monitoring using mk115 wifi power socket


Wireless Type: WiFi
Input Voltage:230V AC 50/60Hz
Rated load current:11A - continuous load
power output:2530W Max
Operating temperature: 0 ºC~ 40 ºC ( 32°F ~ 104°F )
WiFi Socket type:EU/FR
Dimensions(Diameter*Height):Type E:51.5*87.5mm;
Type F:51.5*84.5mm
EU directives compliance :RED 2014/53/EU
MK115 esp32 wifi socket Dimensions

Exploded Drawing
Make every detail perfect, keep improving in design

  • Both PCBA and enclosure adopt safe materials
  • Compatible with more wireless communication way


Household Appliance Control
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Household Appliance Control

Industrial Equipment Control
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Industrial Equipment Control

Saving Energy
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Saving Energy

Motorcycle Charging Metering
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Motorcycle Charging Metering

Car Charging Metering
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Car Charging Metering

Energy Management
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Energy Management


  • Support customized firmware,flash the customized firmware during the factory procedure
  • Support customized hardware with Zigbee, Z-wave , Bluetooth and other wireless type
  • Customized package and label
  • Power metering SDK and schematic diagrams are available for customers to develop firmware
  • Support Android& IOS API for APP developing
  • Professional engineers provide certificates service:
    Based on the existing certificates, apply for the customer’s own certification
    Apply for new other certificates required by customers