Fleet Management Tracking

Manage your fleet with real-time tracking that provides live location and status updates for all vehicles and cargo.

Boost Fleet Performance with Smart IoT Tracking Devices

Fleet managers today face intense pressure – customers demand faster deliveries and on-time service while costs rise across the board. Things will only get tougher with more vehicles on the road and increasing customer expectations. How can one meet service levels without breaking the bank? The fix is real-time fleet management tracking.

MOKOSmart understands modern fleet challenges. We offer durable, compact, versatile IoT devices – trackers and sensors – to optimize operations. Flexible connectivity and broad integrations allow efficiency gains on your terms. With GPS fleet tracking devices from MOKOSmart, equip your fleet with the intelligence it needs – both now and in the future.

Boost Fleet Performance with Smart IoT Tracking Devices
Fleet veers off course

Features of Smart Fleet Tracking Solution

Gain complete visibility into your fleet and assets to enhance efficiency with our fleet vehicle tracking solution. Key features include:

• Real-time location tracking of vehicles and assets
• Route tracking and optimization
• Driver identification and safety emergency help
• Two-way communication and messaging
• Near real-time alerts and notifications for issues
• Continues tracking even in areas without network
• Prevent cargo theft before it happens
• Detailed reports and data analytics

How Our Fleet Management Tracking Solutions Work

MOKOSmart provides real-time fleet tracking and monitoring through fleet tracking systems. Our rugged wireless trackers connect to vehicles to gather location and sensor data. The data is transmitted via cellular or LoRaWAN connectivity to the cloud. Fleet managers can then access the information on web and mobile dashboards for live visibility.

Cellular solution in fleet management tracking
Bluetooth solution in fleet management tracking
LoRaWAN solution in fleet management tracking

Typical Applications of GPS Fleet Tracking

white truck on the road

Transportation and Logistics

Track shipment location, routes, and statuses in real time to optimize supply chain efficiency.

red double decker bus

Public Transportation

Monitor the location of buses, trains, and transit vehicles to improve schedules and punctuality.

yellow excavator

Construction and Mines

Track heavy equipment like excavators across multiple sites helps coordinate projects and optimize asset utilization.

Medium white truck

Rental Vehicles and Car Sharing

Locate rented vehicles and assets in real-time prevents loss and abuse while improving fleet usage.

fire truck

Emergency Response Vehicles

Instant visibility into ambulance, police and fire vehicle location enables rapid dispatch and emergency response.

What Makes MOKOSmart Different

Reliable and rugged hardware

Our trackers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and keep operating in remote areas with wide temperature tolerance.

Flexible connectivity options

Select cellular, Bluetooth, or LoRaWAN connectivity based on your coverage and cost requirements.

Broad third-party integrations

Our trackers can feed data to the top telematics software platforms via APIs.

Customization available

We can customize trackers with sensors and features for specialized use cases.

Responsive customer support

Our support team provides guidance on hardware selection and integration to ensure you get the most value from your tracking solution.

Competitive and scalable pricing

As a hardware manufacturer, we can offer attractive device pricing and data plans that make scaling easy.

Fleet Management Tracking Devices

LoRaWAN Tracker

LW001 LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

• 4000mAh battery, IP67 waterproof
• GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth positioning

LW008-MT/MTP Small Tracker

• compact and IP67 waterproof
• Support magnetic suction

Cellular Tracker

AT001 Asset Tracker

• IP68 waterproof
• 7800mAh battery, maganetic attached


VT001 Vehicle Tracker

• Support global network
• Compact and easy-to-install


GT001 Goods Monitor Tracker

• No need to install or double-sided tape
• Rechargeable battery

Bluetooth Beacon

M2 Asset Beacon

• IP67 rating
• Replaceable battery, up to 5 years

LoRaWAN GPS Tracker Lw001-BG Pro

M3 Industrial Beacon

• IP67 and IK09
• 8000mAh battery

LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

M3 Mini Asset Tag

• Magnetic mounting
• IP67 rating

Commonly Asked Questions

Fleet management tracking refers to the use of GPS, telematics, and other technologies to monitor and manage vehicles. Key functions include location tracking, driver behavior monitoring, door status alerts, fuel usage, route optimization, etc. The benefits are reduced costs, improved efficiency and safety, and overall enhanced visibility and control of fleet operations.

Our trackers can collect real-time location, acceleration, driver behavior, temperature, humidity, and more. We offer custom sensor options too.

Our install-and-play cellular GPS trackers can be deployed in minutes without expertise required. You can start monitoring your assets and optimizing your fleet right away.

At MOKOSmart, we offer a range of fleet monitoring and tracking solutions tailored to different needs and use cases:
Bluetooth beacons- Best for local vehicle tracking within confined spaces like warehouses or yards.
Cellular trackers- Enables real-time tracking across regions for commercial fleets, public transit, delivery vehicles.
LoRaWAN trackers – Cost-effective connectivity for remote, dispersed fleet assets across wide areas like cities, ports, and mines.
We also provide sensors for visibility into additional parameters like temperature and door status.

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