LoRaWAN® + BLE for Location Solution

Boost real-time visibility of personnel & assets inside and out with our hybrid LoRaWAN and BLE location tracking.


Precise Location Tracking Across Indoor and Outdoor Environments

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The Outdoor Indoor Tracking Challenges

Tracking people and assets across diverse environments poses unique challenges. Common indoor wireless positioning technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID, have limitations. They are not ideal for accurate, low-cost, low power and long-range outdoor location systems. A hybrid solution is needed for seamless location visibility between spaces.

Three outdoor indoor tracking challenge
A truck with a specific location

Track What Matters Most with MOKOSmart

Based on new generation BLE positioning and loraWAN®-Based technologies, we can provide a perfect and low-cost wireless location solution for both indoor and outdoor use by combining our LoRaWAN GPS tracker, BLE Beacon, and gateway product within the location system. With expansive visibility, we help you precisely track your most valuable assets wherever they are.

LoRaWAN + BLE tracking
Real-time location data
Flexible tag options
Rugged & weatherproof devices
Geofencing and alerts
Sensor monitoring
Theft recovery
Easy to install, manage

How Our Smart Tracking Solution Works

Indoor positioning uses ibeacon trackers, Bluetooth LoRaWAN gateway, and LoRaWAN gateway. Outdoor positioning combines the LoRaWAN GPS tracker and the LoRaWAN gateway. The Bluetooth LoRaWAN gateway sends beacon MAC, RSSI, and data to calculate position using Pythagoras theorem when probes receive the same MAC address simultaneously.

Indoor/Outdoor Location Tracking Products

Asset Tracking Tag

M1 Coin Beacon

M1 Coin Tag

• Small (Φ26mm)
• Replaceable battery

M2 asset beacon

M2 Locator

• Long-life and replaceable battery
• IP67 rating

M3 Mini Tag

M3 Mini Tag

• Magnetic mounting
• IP67 rating

M4 Lite Tag Beacon

M4 Lite Tag

• Tiny and easy-to-install
• Replaceable battery

M4 Pro Tag

M4 Pro Tag

• Ultra compact and IP67 rating
• Replaceable battery

Personnel Security Tag

H3 Badge Beacon

H3 Card Beacon

• Credit card size
• Long-life battery

W6 Bluetooth Wristband Beacon

W6 Wristband Tag

• IP67 rating
• Wristband and hanging ring

H7L Helmet Tag

H7 Lite Helmet Tag

• Exquisite, SOS button
• IP67 rating


B1 Smart Button

• Beep, LED and vibration
• sensor, Rechargeable

B2 smart badge

B2 Smart Badge

• Staff duress and panic button
• IC card slot

Benefits You Will Get

Real-time Visibility

Get continuous visibility of assets and personnel as they move between indoor and outdoor environments.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline operations and workflows with real-time location data. Quickly locate critical assets and resources.

Improved Safety

Better locate and protect personnel working in remote outdoor areas and isolated indoor spaces. Enable geo-fencing alerts.

Reduced Labor

Automatically track assets and inventory without manual scanning or counting. Less time wasted searching for misplaced items.

Informed Decision Making

Leverage accurate, real-time location analytics to optimize asset utilization, staffing, warehouse layouts and more.

Lower Total Cost

By unifying indoor and outdoor positioning into one integrated platform, our hybrid solution provides cost efficiency.

Customer Success Stories

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