WIFI Smart Outlet MK116

MK116 is WIFI smart plug with energy monitoring,which can track your device’s power consumption in real-time. The plug is built-in ESP32 module to realizes WIFI communication. It can access to multiple servers such as MQTT broker, ALi IOT, AWS IOT,also can connect to your own servers.Users can easily manage your electrical device from the server or APP client.

Functional Block Diagram

Standard hardware and firmware support MQTT protocol, can access to your own cloud server

mk116 wifi smart plug Functional Block Diagram

Product Features

• Remote control from anytime and anywhere
• Timer switch to make it work in your plan
• Power and energy monitoring with ±0.5% accuracy
• Support firmware update over the air(OTA)

• Overload protection to minimize electricity risk
• Report an immediate notification when the connected load start/stop working
• Locally record the current day/last 30 days/historical total energy data
• Multicolor LED ring codes device status and the power consumption of the connected load


Wireless Type: WiFi
Input Voltage: 220 - 240V AC 50/60Hz
Rated load current: 10A - continuous load
power output: 2400W Max
Operating temperature: 0 ºC~ 40 ºC ( 32°F ~ 104°F )
Plug type: Type I
Dimensions(Diameter*Height): 95.5*43.5*59mm
EU directives compliance : SAA/RCM
WIFI Smart Outlet MK116 Dimensions

Exploded Drawing
Make every detail perfect, keep improving in design

  • Both PCBA and enclosure adopt safe materials
  • Compatible with more wireless communication way
WIFI Smart Outlet MK116 Exploded Drawing


mk116 wifi smart plug for Household Appliance Control

Household Appliance Control

mk116 wifi smart plug for Industrial Equipment Control

Industrial Equipment Control

mk116 wifi smart plug for Saving Energy

Saving Energy

mk116 wifi smart plug for Motorcycle Charging Metering

Motorcycle Charging Metering

mk116 wifi smart plug for Car Charging Metering

Car Charging Metering

mk116 wifi smart plug for Energy Management

Energy Management


  • Support customized firmware, flash the customized firmware during the manufacture
  • Support customized hardware with Zigbee, Z-wave , Bluetooth and other wireless type
  • Packing customization: customized label, logo sticker and boxes
  • Power metering SDK and schematic diagrams are available for customers to develop firmware
  • Support Android& IOS API for APP developing
  • Professional engineers provide certificates service:
  • Customers can directly get your own certification that transfered by MOKO’s existing certificates
    Also apply for certain certification required by customers.


Type Title Date
Product Brief MK116 Datasheet V1.0.pdf 2023-03-29