W3-pro Beacon

IoT Beacon

H3 Card Beacon

H4-DH1 Sensor Beacon

H2A Location Beacon

W5 Wearable Beacon Tracker

LoRaWAN® Probe


LoRaWAN® GPS Tracker

LoRaWAN® T&H Sensor

LoRaWAN® Panic Button

LoRaWAN® Gateway

BLE WiFi Gateway


BLE Gateway MK110

Gateway Plug MK106

Gateway Plug MK105

Buletooth Gateway MK103

WiFi Socket


MK100 WiFi Plug

MK112 WiFi Plug

MK114 WiFi Energy Plug

MK116B BLE Smart Socket

nRF52805 Module


MK11 TI CC2642 Module

MK08A nRF52840 Module

MK05B nRF52810 Module

MK02D nRF52832 Module


IoT Devices ODM & OEM Services –
Original Manufacturer

MOKOSmart specializes in the design and manufacture of IoT Hardware. Our ODM & OEM solution offers a range of IoT products for the global smart device market. Currently, our products line includes fitness trackers, smart home smart sockets/ smart switches, bluetooth beacons, bluetooth modules, LoRa®-Based products, wireless sensors.

White-Label Solutions

White-Label Solution

PCB Design

PCB Design and Manufacturing

Firmware Customized

Firmware Customized

SDK Support

SDK Support

Enclosure Design

Enclosure Design

Mass Manufacturing

Mass Production

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