The development of education determines whether we can ensure continuous technological and cultural progress. As our demands on education continue to rise, an intelligent technology is urgently needed for education. By applying IoT in education, school operational efficiency, campus safety, and quality of education can be improved. MOKOSmart can create iot education solutions for your needs, including developing hardware and software for you. We focuses on sensor and beacon development. Our smart devices can monitor spaces on campus, classroom management, and energy efficiency.

The advantages of IoT in education

Improved safety management system by deploying IoT in education

The iot education network allows school administrators to customize security plans using badges, beacons and door and window sensors. IoT network is widely adopted by many schools to create different programs for intruders, severe weather threats, and other security risks. Teachers and students can contact security personnel through a button on the beacon.

Improve the students’ experience with IoT in education

When the teacher is lecturing on the platform, he can not always cause the students’ concentration. At this time, the teacher can cause the attention of the students who are dozing with variation of lights. Moreover, the real-time information collected by the Internet of Things can also be used to predict and analyze student activities to build an efficient teaching system.

Energy consumption is decreased by IoT in education

Lighting and other facilities can be automated. For example, lights could be set to a schedule, or they could be connected to occupancy sensors that turn off when no one is in the classroom. Building efficiency are improved and energy waste is reduced, resulting in cost savings.

The working efficiency is improved with IoT in education

In traditional schools, especially those with relatively backward conditions, logistics work is always time-consuming and boring. The Internet of Things helps reduce time and cost spent on manual tasks such as paperwork, money management and material tracking.

Global connection is possible with IoT in education

IoT systems connects you to and exposes you to schools and universities across the globe. This gives you a platform to interact with global systems and improve the quality of education.

How to apply IoT in education

Monitor temperature & humidity

Different spaces in school require different temperature and humidity due to different activities. For example, gymnasium, auditorium or dance studio, and different classrooms have different requirements for temperature and humidity. Especially,a constant temperature is required for labs as there are chemicals restored there. School administrators can connect temperature&humidity sensors in schools through smart sockets. Once the sensors detect abnormal changes, the alarm system will be trigerred. The setting can also be scheduled at specific times of the day. This not only enhance comfort in school, but also allows timely detection of water leaching.

Manage attendance

Beacons can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated attendance. Each one has a badge of their own, and their location is tracked in real time. Once they enter the classroom, their location is reported to the system. In addition to attendance management, beacons also help improve campus security. Once the sensor detects motion into a prohibited area, the alarm will be triggered, many schools detect the intrusion of some foreign people to avoid the occurrence of campus tragedy in this way. More automated tasks mean teachers can focus more on lessons preparation.

Alleviate campus traffic

Parking beacons can be installed in school garages, including bicycle parking areas. When the school enters the campus, the system will inform the driver where the parking space is empty, and the location of the vehicle can be checked on the software, so there is no need to worry about finding where the vehicle is parked. In addition, school buses in schools can also be fitted with beacons, so that parents can know when the bus will arrive at their door and whether it is safe to arrive at school. Moreover, the EV charging stations can be seen pretty common in campus as well as the sustainable develeopment and environmental protection are the common goal in the society.

Asset tracking

School equipment is an important asset. Tablets, rented laptops, lab equipment, teaching materials, and more can be monitored with location beacons and motion sensors. Beacons ensure that assets are placed in the right place and used properly through transparent asset location. School procurement staff can also supply assets according to the number of inventory.

Energy monitoring

As a large and densely populated place, the daily energy expenditure is not a small amount of money. Growing concerns about global warming require reforms in the education sector to protect limited energy resources. With motion senser, lights can be turned on and off automatically when no one is around. The usage of every facilities can also be monitored in real time after connecting with smart plug. The amount of energy each device uses at a certain time can be monitored, and when some devices exceed the limit of time, an alarm will be triggered to inform the relevant personnel.

Monitor facilities usage

By connecting motion sensors and occupancy indicators to the Internet, equipment and room usage can be accessed, especially in spaces such as school libraries or computer labs. The occupation status can be easily be accessed and scheduling is enabled with iot solution. Tracking such data enables those who are managing school to observe and report on how students use particular Spaces and resources.

Receive Instant notification

The traditional notification mode needs to be reformed. The arrival rate of message from notice board and group message is low. But if the beacons are installed on campus, schools can send notifications to students’ mobile phones, and teachers can use the Bluetooth beacons to send reminders of class and assign homework.

Data acquisition & analysis

The needs and progress of students are the key to improving the employment rate of schools. The traditional education system has low information flow and can not adapt to the current development any more. IoT in education can improve teaching programs by understanding their needs and behaviors, as well as investing related assets and technologies.

Maintain social distance

The education industry adopted the distance learning model in the beginning of covid-19 breakout, it exposed some disadvantages, that’s why school start socialization again after a period of lockdown. But going social doesn’t mean putting students’ lives at risk. Beacon is widely applied for social distancing, which trigger an alarm when the distance between two people is beyond a safe range. Everyone’s movements can also be tracked in real time, and contacts can be quickly tracked once someone is diagnosed.

Deploy your IoT in education with our end to end solution

MOKOSmart has been developing iot products for more than 16 years to help companies exploit the potential of smart technology. Educational institutions can get our help in developing IoT based student monitoring solutions with a single IOT aggregator with access to all available smart devices. Besides, we also provide a real-time device status monitoring platform, and other solutions tailored to your needs.