BLE Wristband Beacon & LoRaWAN Wearables in Covid-19 Contact Tracing Solution

The entire world is going through a crisis due to the persistent COVID-19 and we desperately need contact tracing if we are to take up effective measures against it. In this regard, MOKO offers you a wide range of BLE-based beacon products. These products are effective for contact tracing, social distancing alerts, Person Location, etc. So, you can leverage these products for ensuring safety in your workplace and for tracking critical patients in hospitals.

Contact Tracing

Social Distancing Alerts

Personnel Location

These products will significantly help you in performing contact tracing for at-risk corona patients.

Our products will provide you with real-time alerts for social distancing. Hence, you will be able to take care of yourself in various scenarios.

These products leverage the capabilities of modern indoor GPS tracking solutions and IoT technologies for tracking the location of people who have been exposed to the virus at one point or the other.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Wearables

LW004 LoRaWAN contact tracing Wearables
LW004 LoRaWAN® Based Wearable
H3 Card Beacon-P1
H3 Card Beacon
W2 Wristband Beacon
W2 Wristband Beacon
W3 Wearable Beacon-P1
W3 Wearable Beacon
W5 BLE Wristband
W5 BLE Wristband
Workplace Safety With
LW004 LoRaWAN® Based Wearables

LW004 series is a LoRaWAN-Based network IoT button specifically designed for contact tracing purposes. It is compact, small in size and easy to use. This smart gadget has the capability to scan the incoming data from nearby BLE beacons. So, it then sends this data to the nearest LoRaWAN gateway. Hence, the LoRaWAN gateway then transmits this data over to the cloud server. Once this data reaches the cloud, it is accessible from all over the world 24/7.

LW004-CT Wearable Features
  • Scans for other people and record close interactions
  • with Bluetooth Low Energy, advertising and sanning roles
  • Based on LoRaWAN®-Based Protocol, can send the scanned data to the cloud by LoRaWAN®.
  • Support BLE indoor geo-location
  • Built-in vibration motor for alert
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion detect
  • Low battery indicator, Rechargeable Li battery, USB direct charging.
  • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
  • Support for configuring data by BLE or server downlink
LW004-PB contact tracing Wearables for workplace
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Workplace Safety With BLE Wristband Beacon

These contact tracing BLE wristbands which are at the pinnacle of our smart and innovative solutions. These have the capability to detect other such bands within a range of 2 meters or 6 feet. If someone doesn’t observe the safety precautions and violates the minimum safe distance of 2 meters or 6 feet then these smart wristbands start vibrating. Hence, you can take effective actions.

W2, W5 Wearable Beacon Features
  • Wearable bracelet shape with Bluetooth Low Energy, advertising and sanning roles
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Built-in vibration motor for alert, the safety distance can be set
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensor with motion trigger.
  • SOS button for Alarm
  • Rechargeable Li battery, USB direct charging.
  • All parameters can be modified via Contact Tracker APP
BLW wristband beacon for contact tracing solutions
Indoor GPS Tracking Solutions

It is a relatively old term but has gained popularity in recent times. Indoor GPS tracking wearables can scan Bluetooth beacons which installed in the workplace and map safe zones. So, we can utilize indoor GPS tracking for disinfecting contaminated areas. Indoor GPS tracking is a very important technology when it comes to battling the COVID-19.

W3 Wristband Beacon

These are very slim and small in size. Hence, these are ideal for young adults, teenagers, and even older kids. These come in the shape of a wristband so you can wear them easily. This contact tracking solution is the embodiment of convenience and innovation. Some of its most prominent features are:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series
  • Can be used with disposable straps
  • Additional Motion sensors and RFID available
  • Support 5url broadcasting, Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time.
  • All the parameters of this product can be modified via configure AP
  • IP67 waterproof
W3 Wristband Beacon
H3 Card Beacon
H3 card beacon

This contact tracing solution is ultra-slim and lightweight. It is in fact very close to a mere credit card according to its dimensions. So, this is why this contact tracer solution is also known as the Credit Card Beacon.

  • IP67 Waterproof with 100m Longer range
  • Super energy-efficient 3-year battery life
  • Additional Motion sensors available
  • Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) at the same time.

IoT Smart Gateway

MOKO IoT gateways can communicate by using multiple technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Therefore, they can immediately collect data from beacons and then send it over to the remote cloud servers. Therefore, it practically makes contact tracing COVID-19 possible through personnel location.
If you are looking for establishing a convenient contact tracing network then these gateways are the ideal fit. This is because they can literally fit into any plug so you can deploy them anywhere with an electric connection.

ESP32 Plug Gateway Series
  • Built in ESP32 module
  • Socket-Type deployment
  • Bulit in MOKO standard firmware, provide API and configuration APP.
  • Schematic diagrams are available for customers to develop firmware
Bluetooth Gateway
  • Linux-based
  • Via Ethernet or WIFI to Internet
  • Powerful scanning capability. 300 bluetooth device can be scanned per second
LoRaWAN® Gateway
  • LoRaWAN®-Based Protocol
  • 433/470MHz, 868/915MHZ
  • Support Ethernet / WiFi
  • upgrate firmware by OTA or USB
The benefits of the contact tracing wearables
Better and Early Identification

It can help in controlling the spread of COVID-19 by helping us identify the early infection chains.

Aid in contamination planning

This wearable can help in improving the contamination plans by tracing the individual movements.

Calculation of Exposure Risk

This Bluetooth wearable features smart algorithms that can calculate the exposure risk. This will help in establishing a better sanitation response.

Automated Record Keeping

Healthcare centres and hospitals can leverage these wearables to automate the record-keeping for temperature, location, and humidity data.

Better Communication

These wearables are built on cutting-edge technologies such as Bluetooth and LoRaWAN. Hence, they can accurately and immediately communicate the required data.

Flexibility and Customizability

These wearables are very flexible in terms of their functionality. On top of that, you can configure their features as per your needs by using the dedicated app.