W2 Beacon

Wristband Beacon

  • wearable bracelet shape with silver gray
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 3-axis accelerometer sensor with motion trigger.
  • Touch button with SOS Trigger function
  • Rechargeable Li battery, USB direct charging.
  • Compatible with iBeacon™,Eddystone™ (UID, URL, TLM) and sensor in turn.
  • All parameters can be modified via MokobeaconX Pro APP
MOKOSmart Beacon


The W2 Wristband Beacon comes with a sleek style and trendy design. This bracelet beacon has a futuristic feel and features a touch screen, rather than conventional buttons. It has a strong build and is waterproof. So, you can wear it anywhere, without having to worry about the weather.

The W2 wristband beacon has a rechargeable Lithium battery, that supports a USB charging port. Despite its sophistication, this bracelet beacon consumes very little power. Hence, its battery life is quite remarkable. It features 6 connectivity slots all of which are configurable. So, you can set each individual slot to different identifiers, and call to action such as UID, iBeacon, and URL.

You can even configure its connection type and advertisement interval. This wristband beacon has a 3-axis accelerometer, that features an output rate from 1-100 Hz. W2 bracelet beacon has an operational range of over 55 meters. This beacon has advanced security features: such as password protection and AES encryption. If you are into aesthetics, then you can customize its hardware and colour as per your taste.

Additionally, W2 beacon has branding options. This means that you can place your own company logo and tagline on it.


Advertising Beacon Device

Supporting BLE5.0

Ultra-low power consumption chipset NRF52 Serise

Support button trigger and motion trigger

Firmware updated via DFU

G-value, sampling rate and sensitivity of 3-axis accelerometer sensor can be configured

Customizable to increase NFC to wake up bluetooth (MOQ:1000pcs)

Logo and wristband color customizable (MOQ 200units)

Provided with your own configuration (MOQ 100 units)

Customizable to increase NFC to wake up bluetooth (MOQ:1000pcs)


Size(H*W*L)40.89*20.18*12mm Range: 13-21mmProtocolsiBeacon & Eddystone: UID, URL, TLM
Battery ModelLithium polymer batteryEddystone Configuration GATT Service
Battery Capacity (mAh)80mAH 3.8V (Rechargeable)Firmware updatingDFU
Default battery LifeAbout 50 days with default settingAttachment methodWearable
Battery replaceableYesBuilt-in SensorMotion LIS3DH; RGB LED
Max RangeMore than 30m (0dBm in the open space)ButtonTouch
WaterproofYES IP67CertificationCE & FCC

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