LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensor

The LW005-PS surface-mounted geomagnetic parking sensor is based on standard LoRaWAN protocol to detect the status (occupied or empty) of a parking space. When it detects there is a car parked in or leaving the parking space, the status information of the parking space will be sent to a LoRa gateway, and gateway will transmit the information to LoRa network server, then LoRa network server will decode the LoRa data and interface with the smart parking platform to achieve real-time management of parking lots. Its mainly applied in smart on-street parking to provide accurate detection of parking space and achieve smart management of parking lots.

Functions and Features
  • Support standard LoRaWAN CLASS A
  • With triaxial reluctance sensor, support the magnetic induction of XYZ in three directions;
  • Support BLE wireless transparent transmission
  • With built-in Li-SOCl2 battery
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Complete plastic shell design, IP68 protection
  • Wide operating temperature range for industrial use of -40℃~+85℃
  • Strong resistance to interference and easy installation
  • High detection accuracy to >98%
  • Ultra-low power consumption, last for 3~4years, according to the actual application scenarios
  • High reliability, and support watchdog to protect internal circuit
  • Low construction and maintenance cost

Hardware parameters:


Technical parameters

Detecting sensor

AMR magnetic sensor, gauss field detection range of ±8, Sensitivity to 0.1mG

Temperature sensor

Detecting range: -40℃~85℃ (±1℃), low power consumption

Power supply

3.6V/16Ah Li-SOCl2 battery

Average working current


Operating temperature



Surface-mounted type

Battery life

5 years(based on data report of 25 times per day)


8 tons; 2 tons for single-wheeled vehicle


Diameter: 195mm; Height: 28mm

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