LoRaWAN®-Based Smart Parking Sensor

The LW005-PS surface-mounted geomagnetic parking sensor is based on standard LoRaWAN®-Based protocol to detect the status (occupied or empty) of a parking space. When it detects there is a car parked in or leaving the parking space, the status information of the parking space will be sent to a LoRa®-Based gateway, and gateway will transmit the information to LoRa®-Based network server, then LoRa®-Based network server will decode the LoRa®-Based data and interface with the smart parking platform to achieve real-time management of parking lots. Its mainly applied in smart on-street parking to provide accurate detection of parking space and achieve smart management of parking lots.

Functions and Features
  • Support standard LoRaWAN®-Based CLASS A
  • With triaxial reluctance sensor, support the magnetic induction of XYZ in three directions;
  • Support BLE wireless transparent transmission
  • With built-in Li-SOCl2 battery
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Complete plastic shell design, IP68 protection
  • Wide operating temperature range for industrial use of -40℃~+85℃
  • Strong resistance to interference and easy installation
  • High detection accuracy to >98%
  • Ultra-low power consumption, last for 3~4years, according to the actual application scenarios
  • High reliability, and support watchdog to protect internal circuit
  • Low construction and maintenance cost

Hardware parameters:


Technical parameters

Detecting sensor

AMR magnetic sensor, gauss field detection range of ±8, Sensitivity to 0.1mG

Temperature sensor

Detecting range: -40℃~85℃ (±1℃), low power consumption

Power supply

3.6V/16Ah Li-SOCl2 battery

Average working current


Operating temperature



Surface-mounted type

Battery life

5 years(based on data report of 25 times per day)


8 tons; 2 tons for single-wheeled vehicle


Diameter: 195mm; Height: 28mm

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