How and When Can You Benefit From LoRa GPS Tracker

How and When Can You Benefit From LoRa GPS Tracker
LoRa GPS tracker

LoRa is a technology that requires low power and is capable of covering a wide area. It is one of the ground-breaking technologies in the IoT sector as it has paved the way for many revolutionary products and LoRa GPS tracker is one of them. In this article, we will take a look at how a LoRa GPS Tracker works and what are some of the prospective applications.

Working of MOKO LoRa GPS Tracker

It is always a comforting thought to know that your loved ones and your precious possessions are safe and well protected. For this purpose, a GPS tracker always comes in handy. We frequently use a GPS tracker for securing assets like cars, briefcases, lockers, and valuable appliances, etc. We also use GPS trackers for ensuring the safety of our loved ones such as children, friends, siblings, pets, etc. Whenever we have to select a GPS tracking device, the first considerations include the range of monitoring and the potential battery life. So, based on these considerations, LoRa is the best fit. This is because a LoRa GPS Tracker consumes very little power and is capable of operating over long distances.

The LoRa GPS tracker contains a LoRa GPS module and a LoRa Transmitter. So, together they act as a LoRa node. We attach this LoRa node in the asset that we want to protect by knowing its location at all times. Hence, this LoRa node communicates with the nearest LoRaWAN gateway at all times. The LoRa node sends the GPS location of the asset or the person to the LoRaWAN gateway after certain fixed time intervals.

The LoRaWAN gateway then sends this data to the cloud network. So, we use a cloud server to compile this data and then process it. It is converted to information and after analysis, it is sent to a mainframe. Therefore, we can access this information by using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection. This way we have access to the GPS location of our loved ones and valuable assets at all times no matter where they are.

Benefits of MOKO LoRa GPS Tracker

lora gps tracker

LoRa GPS trackers have numerous benefits. So, we will discuss them one by one in this section.

1.Low Power Consumption

All LoRa based devices have a low power consumption and LoRa GPS tracker is no exception. They have an amazing battery life which makes them last for many years. Hence, it is ideal for assets that are in continuous circulation. The low power consumption ensures that there is no need for frequent maintenance and routine checks. Therefore, you will save a lot of money by avoiding repair and maintenance costs. On top of that, the low power consumption also ensures that you incur a minimum operating cost.

2.Wide Area Coverage

LoRa is able to cover a very wide area because it has a very large range. LoRa allows GPS tracking through LoRaWAN gateways and cloud networks. Hence, it allows for a GPS tracking service that is unmatched by any other location-based IoT technology. The wide area coverage means that you won’t have to worry about your loved ones because you will always have access to their current GPS location in real-time.

3.Deeper Penetration

LoRa allows for better penetration even in most dense of the buildings. Therefore, it allows for a more accurate GPS tracking. On the other hand, location tracking by using other IoT technologies is sometimes unreliable. This is because other location-based technologies lose their accuracy when deployed in dense areas. This inaccuracy arises from the signal noise associated with the overwhelming number of nearby digital devices. Hence, using LoRa GPS tracker for location tracking of your loved ones is the smartest decision you can make today.

4.Enhanced Accessibility

LoRa technology works on free frequencies and bandwidths. This means that anyone has access to them and can use them without paying anything. So, opting for a LoRa GPS tracker is the best financial choice you can make today. On the other hand, if you use other location tracking technologies then you will have to pay extra amounts for using their radio bandwidths and operating frequencies.

5.Improved Security

If you have access to the GPS location of your loved ones then you have the comfort of mind that they are safe. However, if someone with malicious intentions gains access to their GPS location then their safety might get compromised and they might end up in terrible danger. That is why it is empirical that you use a location-based technology that is very safe and secure. LoRa GPS tracker has a very strong end to end encryption which is built from the strongest encryption standard out there i.e. AES128. On top of that, LoRa GPS tracker has advanced security features such as integrity protection, node to node confidentiality, and mutual authentication.

6.Universal Standardization

The LoRaWAN networks are globally available and LoRa is known for providing device interoperability. Hence, LoRa GPS tracker allows for instant deployment for location tracking of any entity around the globe.

7.Superior mobility

LoRa GPS tracker has the ability to interact and engage with the connected devices even if they are in motion. Additionally, this feat doesn’t affect power consumption in any way. Hence, LoRa offers superior mobility without impacting power consumption.

8.Large Capacity

LoRa has a very large capacity which means that it can host a large number of nodes at the same time. Hence, you can keep track of multiple assets at the same time. Additionally, you will have access to the GPS location of all of your loved ones at all times. This amazing capacity of LoRa makes it the best choice for meeting all of your location tracking needs.

LoRa GPS Tracker Applications 

LoRa GPS tracker has numerous applications across multiple sectors and domains. In this section, we will try to take a brief look at some of them.


It is the most common and primary application of LoRa based location tracking. Most hiking enthusiasts and adventure lovers like to own a LoRa tracker because it allows them to navigate freely. If you are planning to go on a road trip or hike a new trail then the LoRa tracker will help you in completing your journey safely. It will assist you in selecting the best possible routes and you can save a lot of valuable time this way.

2.Instant help during emergencies

Suppose that you are in a road accident and get unconscious. How will you receive help if it is an isolated area and no one calls the rescue services? This is where the LoRa tracker comes in. A smart LoRa tracker will instantly send a notification to the rescue authorities as soon as it detects that you are in a road accident. Since it will have a built-in GPS, hence, rescue authorities will have no trouble in arriving at your current location.

3.Securing your vehicle

Cars are expensive and therefore car thieves are always looking for vulnerable moments to steal them. If you own a car then the best thing you can do for ensuring its security is that you install a LoRa tracker in it. This way you will always know where your car is at the current moment. So, if it ever gets stolen, you can easily track it through the LoRa tracker. Hence, you can easily recover it by sharing the location of the car with the concerned authorities.

4.Location tracking of Pets

Pets have a habit of wandering out and make a run for escaping the house. Pets are adorable creatures who get easily distracted by loud noises and food. That is why they often wander off and hence go missing or get stolen. If you want to protect your pet then you should install a miniature LoRa tracker in a collar and make your pet wear it. Hence, you will always know about where your pet is wandering off to and you can ensure that your pet remains safe.

5.Looking after the elderly

Older people often wander off alone and then they have extreme difficulty finding their way back. Patients of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are especially prone to losing time and space. Meaning they can easily get lost and forget where they are and why they came there in the first place. You can ensure the safety of the elderly by giving them a LoRa GPS tracker and making them wear it at all times. This will help you in figuring out where they are at any given time and you can immediately come to their rescue if they ever need help.

6.Protecting Sculptures and Artworks

Galleries and Museums around the world host numerous valuable works of art and artifacts of history. Thieves are constantly looking to steal them and some even succeed. The best way to ensure that these sculptures and artworks remain safe is to track their location at all times. So, you can use a LoRa tracker to have access to their location at any given moment. Hence, you can recover these valuable pieces if they ever get stolen.

7.Solo Travelling

Solo traveling is one of the best experiences in one’s life. It is not only a great adventure but also an amazing opportunity to interact with different cultures. However, solo traveling involves many dangers especially if you are a woman traveling in an unsafe area. If this is the case then you must make sure that someone is always aware of your current location. And the best way to do that is by sharing your live location through a LoRa GPS tracker. This way you will remain safe and your loved ones will not have to worry about your well-being. If some unfortunate event takes place then the LoRa tracker will help the authorities rescue you.

8.Fleet and Shipment Tracking

Logistics is one of the core operations of any business. Therefore, companies take extra measures to make sure that their fleets and shipments arrive safely and on time. Installing LoRa trackers ensures that your shipments are delivered safely. If someone tries to sabotage your logistics operations by disrupting your fleet then you can easily find your missing shipments by using the signal coming from the installed LoRa Tracker.

9.Merchandise Security

Shoplifting and stealing valuable merchandise is one of the most common and frequent crimes in the world. That is why it is important for large departmental store owners to protect their most valuable items. For this purpose, a LoRa tracker will come in handy. All you need to do is to deploy small LoRa trackers by attaching them to the price tags. And whenever someone tries to shoplift that valuable item, you will receive a notification from the LoRa tracker.

Where can I get a LoRa GPS Tracker device?

If you are looking for a reliable LoRa GPS tracker then you are in the right place. MOKO Smart is a renowned name in the IoT industry and we have a spotless track record. We specialize in LoRaWAN products and LW001-BG is one of our flagship products. Its prominent features include,
It is based on the Standard LoRaWAN protocol.
This product is ideal for asset management and tracking.
It has a built-in 9-axis motion-tracking sensor and a high-end GPS.
This product is ideal for optimizing the logistic operations in the warehouse settings.
You can also use this product for location tracking of shipment containers and store inventory.
This product is also ideal for theft protection, pet tracking, personnel tracking, and outdoor tracking.
It not only tracks the GPS location but also gives information about the movement speed and the acceleration.

We have years of experience and have established a dedicated R&D department. Hence, we have mass-production capabilities. Additionally, if you have unique requirements and needs then we can customize our LoRa GPS tracker to meet your needs. You can reach out to us if you want to know more about our product or if you want a quote.

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Nick Lee
Nick Lee
As one of the product managers in our R&D department, Nick work closely with sales, engineering, testing and marketing. He was a product engineer developing wireless sensors before joining MOKOSMART. With 10 years of experience in this industry, he is particularly proficient in the development of wireless products based on Bluetooth and Lora. The product lines he has participated in includes Bluetooth beacon, Tracker, Sensor, Gateway, plug-in, and Module. Dive deeply in MOKOSMART's products through his articles!
Nick Lee
Nick Lee
As one of the product managers in our R&D department, Nick work closely with sales, engineering, testing and marketing. He was a product engineer developing wireless sensors before joining MOKOSMART. With 10 years of experience in this industry, he is particularly proficient in the development of wireless products based on Bluetooth and Lora. The product lines he has participated in includes Bluetooth beacon, Tracker, Sensor, Gateway, plug-in, and Module. Dive deeply in MOKOSMART's products through his articles!
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