Beacon Real Estate Benefits You In Many Applications

Beacon Real Estate Benefits You In Many Applications
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    Beacon Real Estate

    Beacon real estate is a relatively new concept that involves the use of Bluetooth beacons for real estate dealings. Bluetooth beacons are very small devices that run on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. We can deploy Bluetooth beacons for a variety of purposes. However, they are very effective for real estate applications.

    Benefits of Beacon Real Estate

    1. Send notifications to potential clients when they are nearby

    You can deploy Bluetooth beacons near the house you want to sell or near the end of the street. So, it will trigger a notification when a person walks nearby with a smart device. However, for this to work, the smart device must have Bluetooth. So, this way the client can open the notification on their smart device to find more information relating to the house. However, they can also perform more actions such as arranging a tour. This is very beneficial for the property owners or the real estate agents because they will know when the interested client will pass near the house. So, they can prepare and advertise more customized content that is tailored to that particular client’s needs.

    1. The clients have improved accessibility

    If you want to sell a certain property then you don’t have to worry about printing ads and posters anymore. You also don’t have to arrange property documents and ask potential buyers to go through them during their visits. So, when you deploy beacon real estate, they deliver all the relevant information to the smart device of the potential buyers during their tours. Hence, a notification is sent to the screen of the buyer when he/she comes to take a tour of the property. Therefore, they will land on the information page of that property when they click on that notification. Hence, they are able to see more detailed photos and information.

    1. Customized boards and signs

    Property owners like to use dedicated sale signs and boards for attracting the attention of potential buyers. However, this approach can become more effective when you deploy beacons as well. So, when a prospective client walks near the sale sign then it will automatically trigger the relevant property information. It will contain details like the house area, construction material, and floor space. This way prospective buyers can subscribe to notifications for a listing. So, a real estate agent can then provide information for more houses in the vicinity as per the taste of the client.

    1. Mutual benefit for sellers and buyers

    The beacon real estate can identify potential buyers nearby and ask them to register by using the relevant app or webpage. So, the sellers will know about the clients coming to the property and the buyers will have a better buying experience as compared to the conventional posters and adds. The buyers will receive welcome messages when they come in the house. The real estate agents will receive notifications when a client comes to the property and they can adopt relevant courses of action.

    1. Brand awareness and brand recognition

    Beacon real estate can help property owners by improving their brand awareness. So, the buyers will easily recognize their brand when they are in the nearby area. On the other hand, sellers will also get information about what kind of properties the customers are interested in and how many of them are visiting the house or sale. Hence, real estate agents can design a more personalized buying experience for prospective clients by deploying beacon real estate technology.

    Applications of Beacon Real Estate

    The following are some of the applications of beacon real estate.

    1. Announce your open house event

    You can use beacons for sending notifications to nearby potential buyers that you are hosting an open house event. So, this way you can bring in more audiences and improve your conversion rate.

    1. Attract customers

    Property owners can use beacons for sending notifications to nearby people that the house is for sale. Hence, more people will know about it and more customers will come forward.

    1. Improve the sales funnel

    Real estate agents can design a better buying experience for prospective customers. Hence, it will increase the chances of people actually buying the house. Hence, real estate agents will strengthen their sales funnel.

    Use cases of Beacon Real Estate Service

    In this section, we will look at some of the use cases and how you may benefit from them.

    1. Makelaardij Hoekstra

    It is a Dutch real estate agency that has four offices in different locations. In order to improve their customer engagement and lead generation, they decided to deploy Bluetooth beacons. So, they were able to boost their advertisements and campaigns. Apart from that, they received information about a prospective buyer when he was in a nearby area or if he wanted to schedule a visit to the property.

    1. Redfin

    It is a renowned real estate agency and is located in Seattle. They decided to use Bluetooth beacons for reinforcing their proximity marketing efforts. So, these beacons sent notifications of nearby properties to clients and also prompted them to schedule a tour. Additionally, they notified the relevant sales agent whenever a buyer showed interest in visiting or buying the property. They incorporated this information in designing their sales strategies.

    1. Spicerhaart

    It is another well-known real estate agency. However, this one is located in the United Kingdom. They deployed beacon real estate in luxury apartments so that when a buyer enters, they receive a welcome message. So, they also got a notification for viewing the relevant details of the apartment. The buyers were also able to see an interactive and detailed plan of the apartment so that the buying decision was easier for them.

    Beacon Real Estate by MOKOSmart

    If you are a property owner or a real estate agent then MOKOSmart is the best vendor for deploying your BLE beacons. We have a wide range of beacon products that are suited for a variety of needs. Feel free to contact us if you need further details.

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