LoRaWAN Parking Sensor Detects Events In Real-time

LoRaWAN Parking Sensor Detects Events In Real-time
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    LoRaWAN parking-sensor

    Thanks to the LoRaWAN parking sensor, whether a parking space is free or occupied can be reported. The flat, circular sensors are attached to the desired parking spaces. There are also models that can be installed directly on the floor and are therefore invisible.

    The LoRaWAN parking sensor LW005-PS from MOKOSmart delivers precise vehicle detection in real-time – even from electric cars.

    The LW005-PS has three high-performance geomagnetic sensors that detect the consumption of the earth’s magnetic field and can detect the presence or absence of a car in a parking space in real-time. The LoRaWAN parking sensor has proven itself as one of the few products in the field of electromobility and can intelligently detect and filter out the interference magnetic fields generated during the charging process of an electric car. This ensures error-free detection of e-cars, which is not always the case with competitor products.

    Detection of free parking spaces and parking spaces 

    LoRaWAN parking sensor solves the most important aspects of today’s parking lot management, such as real-time vehicle detection and location of available parking lots, for cities, municipalities and municipal companies. It also enables private parking space management. You can see further areas of application in hotels, airports, supermarkets, clinics, charging stations, parking spaces for the disabled, detection of incorrect parking and long-term parking, no-parking zones (fire lane access, garage access) as well as park-and-ride parking spaces.

    The product has three geomagnetic sensors that detect the consumption of the earth’s magnetic field and can detect the presence or absence of a car in a parking space in real-time. The LoRaWAN parking sensor arranged in the X, Y and Z axes not only detect the magnetic field strength but also analyze patterns. Different types of vehicles generate different signal patterns. These can, therefore, be distinguished. Algorithms reliably filter out disruptive interference fields that are generated, for example, by subways and overhead lines. In this way, incorrect measurement results can be avoided.

    The LW005-PS is currently used by over 80 companies – worldwide. These include well-known locations such as California’s Central Valley, Montreal, Stratford (Ontario), El Monte (California) and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

    Expertise from 30 years of R&D flows into the development of the LW005-PS

    All of MOKOSmart’s expertise comes into play in the development of the LW005-PS, because the company is not a start-up, but has been developing and manufacturing high-precision magnetic field sensors and electronic compass solutions for more than 10 years. For example, the LW005-PS can also be used in larger multi-level parking garages without the vehicles at different levels interfering with each other in their clear recognition.

    LoRaWAN parking sensor LW005-PS makes finding a parking space easier 

    In November 2017, the city of Stratford installed LW005-PS in the city center and city hall parking lots to help drivers find free parking spaces. The city uses a public LoRaWAN, in which the sensors exchange data with Canada’s Open Data Exchange IoT program.

    The real-time parking data is evaluated in order to identify trends in parking behavior, to track the use of parking spaces and to optimize parking space resources. The LW005-PS was not only chosen for its accuracy in parking lot detection but also convinced the decision-makers with its robustness, as it delivers reliable results even in snow and harsh weather conditions

    LoRaWAN parking sensor benefits

    By transmitting the occupancy status in the managed parking space, there are many options for optimizing the search for a parking space. Accordingly, experiences with the LoRaWAN parking sensor are also interesting for our municipal partners. Possible applications are places where parking is not permitted under any circumstances (e.g. fire brigade access). In addition, the connection to the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles also makes sense. The parking sensors can report to users whether a parking space in front of a charging station is free. On the other hand, operators can use this to determine whether electric vehicles are only parked in the parking lot in front of the charging station or whether they are refueling. This is possible by comparing the data from the charging station and the LoRa smart parking sensor.

    • Reduce the time to find a parking space
    • Reduction of emissions (fine dust, CO2, noise, …)
    • Resource efficiency through “smart” parking space management
    • optimal parking space utilization, congestion avoidance
    • The basis for intelligent parking guidance systems (guided parking)
    • Transparent traffic planning (number of parking processes and parking times)
    • Additional service for park-and-ride in local and long-distance traffic
    • Needs-based checks of parking bugs
    • Reduction of incorrect allocation e.g. free customer parking spaces,
    Disabled parking spaces, restricted areas, loading zones, fire service access
    • eMobility services, such as determining free charging stations and service life
    • Innovation through digitization (service apps, rental unused
    Areas, measurement of ground temperature for winter service, ..)

    Functions and Features of LW005-PS

    Support standard LoRaWAN CLASS A
    With triaxial reluctance sensor, support the magnetic induction of XYZ in three directions;
    Support BLE wireless transparent transmission
    With built-in Li-SOCl2 battery
    Built-in temperature sensor
    Complete plastic shell design, IP68 protection
    Wide operating temperature range for industrial use of -40℃~+85℃
    Strong resistance to interference and easy installation
    High detection accuracy to >98%
    Ultra-low power consumption, last for 3~4years, according to the actual application scenarios
    High reliability, and support watchdog to protect the internal circuit
    Low construction and maintenance cost

    Hardware parameters of LW005-PS


    Technical parameters

    Detecting sensor

    AMR magnetic sensor, gauss field detection range of ±8, Sensitivity to 0.1mG

    Temperature sensor

    Detecting range: -40℃~85℃ (±1℃), low power consumption

    Power supply

    3.6V/16Ah Li-SOCl2 battery

    Average working current


    Operating temperature



    Surface-mounted type

    Battery life

    5 years(based on data report of 25 times per day)


    8 tons; 2 tons for single-wheeled vehicle


    Diameter: 195mm; Height: 28mm


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