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MOKOSmart Smart Plug Socket Customized and White-label Program Will Boost Your Project Your Business.

>  Smart Plug Printe Your Brand Name and Logo
>  Provide SDK for Your Projects
>  Power/Energy Measuring Accuracy is ±0.5%
>  UL, ETL, FCC& CE, RoHS Certified
>  Hardware & Firmware Customized
>  Customized Label Sticker and Package
>  Original Smart Plug Socket Manufacturer

Have you ever thought of your appliances thinking about you or your home running on its own? Or if you can save more power without the need to run around your home now and then switch off the power points of your appliances? At MOKOSmart, there is a solution that makes these fantasies come true – the Smart Plug socket. You don’t have to worry anymore.

Essentially, a smart plug is a wall socket that can be remotely controlled after connecting it to a network. By remotely connecting a smart electric plug to a network, it becomes easier to schedule activities, link smart devices, and use voice commands. Plugging a normal wireless device into a smart plug comes with multiple options. Once you install a wireless plug socket at your home, you will be wondering how you ever lived before without having them.

MOKOSmart offers a one-stop IoT solution for smart plugs, sockets, switches, and other products. We customize all smart plugs based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, ZigBee, and LoRaWAN technologies. Moreover, we manufacture various types of smart plugs for use in different countries. Altogether, we also support the wireless connectivity of multiple devices in a way that meets the user’s application requirements and functionality. Smart plug products available at MOKOSmart include; the UK gateway plugs, the US standard Wi-Fi energy monitoring plugs, and the Australian standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi outlet plugs.

What Can We Do for Your IoT Projects?

Hardware Design

Firmware Development

Mechanical Design

Manufacturing & Assembly


Quality Assurance

How Smart Plug Outlet Works

Smart plugs enable the user to control the power delivered to the connected appliances easily. Essentially, they work by automatically switching appliances on and off via a switch connected to the outlet. Smart plugs have in-built circuitry that enables the user to easily control the plug through an application linked to a smartphone. A plug connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi links directly with a smartphone. The one connected via a Z-wave or Zigbee smart hub links indirectly.

Once you power the smart plug using the mobile app, it starts delivering energy to the connected appliances. When the smart plug is turned off through the app, it immediately stops delivering power. Other smart plugs are also capable of even recording the power consumed by the connected appliances.

how smart plug socket works

IoT Smart Outlet Solutions

MOKO could provide different types of plug to apply to your countries. At the same time, we support multiple wireless communication ways and hardware components to meet your needs according to your application scenarios and functional requirements. For example, the final product can be a US standard WiFi energy monitoring plug, or it can be an Australian standard Bluetooth & WiFi remote control plug, or it can be a UK gateway plug.

IoT Smart Plug Applications

smart socket outlet for smart home

Smart Home

smart plug socket in power metering application

Power Metering

smart outlet socket in solar system application

Solar Solutions

smart plug socket in Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Industrial Equipment Monitoring

smart plug beacon in logistics

Environmental Monitoring

bluetooth smart plug in asset tracking application

Plug in Bluetooth Beacon

Why Choose Our Customization and
White-label Smart Plug Socket Solutions?

Want to extend your product line? Your partner could be us. Here’re the shortcuts to wifi smart socket market that you could benefit from now.

Build Your Brand

You don’t have to work beneath the shadow of one other company, prohibiting you from growing your own brand. Our white label solution allows you to sell all our products under your own brand name.

Control Your Customers

You keep complete control of your clients, allowing you to set your own prices, bundle the products to suit the demands of your customers and grow a close relationship with each and every customer.

Launch Your Business Faster

Yes, you can dive right into the smart home market instantly while free of entailing a considerable financial investment.

Earn More Money

It removes long lead times and significantly decreases or even eliminates product development costs. So you save big and then make more money.

Smart Plug Socket Guide

Why is the Smart Plug Socket So Popular?

Benefits of smart plug sockets

Smart plug wireless sockets come with numerous benefits when installed in a home. Some of these benefits are;
  1. Enhances network connectivity in a home – Appliance or devices existing in a home can be turned into smart objects using a smart plug. Thereby, smart plugs facilitate easy communication between smart products.
  2. Remotely switches appliances on and off – Smart plugs easily turn applications on and off. Moreover, smart plugs can be used to check if there is any appliance running at home.
  3. Easy monitoring of energy used – Smart plugs enable a user to swiftly monitor the amount of energy used by appliances at home directly from a smartphone. Besides, smart plugs also notify the user whenever a device starts consuming unusual amounts of energy.
  4. Easy scheduling – Smart plugs let you set schedules on when your appliances should shut down or startup.
  5. Draws off vampire power – Smart plugs enable you to save the amount of energy you use as it helps you easily recognize the appliance guilty of phantom load at your home.
  6. Voice control – Smart plugs are built-in away that the user can operate the appliances connected to them by just a voice command.
  7. Improves home security – Smart plugs automatically switch lights on and off even while you are away. This makes you appear as like you are at home always, even while you are away.

Benefits of smart plug sockets