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Smart Office Solutions You Should Include in Your Smart Office

Indoor Navigation Systems

When you have visitors and new employees or even older employees, it can be hard for them to navigate the office. Nevertheless, with smart devices such as the Bluetooth beacon from MOKOSmart, companies can guide people through the office building using their smartphones. They can search for offices, or meeting rooms from their smartphones and easily get directions.

Maintaining Social Distance Regulations

In today’s world, maintaining social distance is critical to our survival. Currently, it is important to ensure that all social distancing protocols are met even at the office for the safety of all. Maintaining social distance protocols can be difficult, and this is where smart office devices like the contact-based tracing wearable button from Moko Smart come in. This button alerts you when people are getting too close ensuring that social distance protocols are met.

Better Meeting rooms and Office Space Allocation

One major benefit of IoT in the office is that it allows for better office space management. With smart office devices such as the LoRaWAN Tracker from MOKOSmart, company managers can monitor the position of each employee and equipment at any given time, to figure out which areas are commonly used, and which areas are free at any given moment. Furthermore, this information can help them figure which equipment is popular and should be invested in.

Smart Cleaning based on Usage

Ensuring office hygiene and cleanliness is an important aspect of creating a conducive work environment. IoT sensors can be used to figure out which areas in the building require cleaning based on the number of usages. Sensitive rooms in the office such as bathrooms and kitchens can strongly benefit from smart cleaning.

Enables Them To Keep Better Inventory

The days of collecting inventory manually are gone with IoT in the workplace. Companies can use Bluetooth beacons like the one at MOKOSmart to track their inventory more efficiently. The Bluetooth beacon allows businesses to have a precise awareness of their assets without the risk of human error.

Efficient Energy Use

Managing and controlling your energy usage in the office can help you become greener while also allowing you to cut costs. The IoT solutions like the power & energy monitor/meter solutions from Moko Smart allow businesses to effectively manage and control power appliances such as fans, lights, and air conditioners to ensure they are not wasting energy.

Improve Access Control Management

Some areas need to be accessed only by certain people. IoT solutions such as Bluetooth beacon sensors from Moko Smart help to track who is certain places to ensure that only the authorized persons have access.

Smart Lighting and Climate Management

One way to get your employees more productive is to make them comfortable. Smart office devices such as the LoRaWAN based temperature & humidity sensor from Moko Smart allow employees to adjust and tailor their lighting and climate to their specific needs.

Employee onboarding

Sending notification to employees' phone is one of the capacity that IoT can do. The proxmity technology promote the inner coomunication.

What Are The Perks of IoT Smart Office Solutions?

There are several benefits that come with investing in smart office devices such as:

Use of Office Spaces More Efficiently

Did you know that approximately 30% of booked meeting rooms go unused, wasting valuable office space? With smart office solutions like the IoT sensors available at MOKOSmart, offices can track meeting rooms, find unused booked meeting rooms, and free them up for others to use.

Enhance Cooperation

Since an IoT smart office helps to improve connectivity in the workplace, it becomes easier for employees to work together and share ideas. This in turn will help build stronger office relationships at the workplace allowing for better innovation and creativity.

Better Office Management

With smart office solutions, office managers can track and understand which office rooms or configurations are most or least liked and can then leverage this information to better the office.

Better Retention Rates

No employee wants to work in a place that uses dinosaur technology. Having IoT in the workplace will allow your business to stay ahead of the curve and motivate workers to stay with the business or even attract employees.

Faster Repair Times

IoT in the workplace allows for more seamless reporting in the event of a machine or device breaking down. This seamless quick reporting enables the machines and devices to be repaired quickly, hence shortening the downtime.

Save on Power

By automating tasks like adjusting lighting and heating in your office, companies can cut back on the costs used to power these resources, saving your business money, while also reducing waste.

Helps Create a Conducive Work Environment

The ability for employees to be able to control the temperature or humidity of their workspace right from their fingertips allows them to customize their office to fit their needs.

Improves Office Safety

Smart office solutions such as sensors, cameras, and access control systems help to protect your office better. They offer transparency as they protect the office from both internal and external threats.

Reduced Management Costs

Since smart office devices help to collect real-time data on the office, it enables office managers to quickly note if anything is wrong and quickly fix them before the damage becomes more serious and costlier.

Increased Productivity

IoT at the workplace enables employers to better care for the wellness of their employees. An employee that is usually well taken care of will usually become more productive.

Enhance Customer Experience

Data is one of the biggest weapons that businesses have at their disposal when it comes to improving customer experience. IoT at the office assists companies in collecting, tracking, and analyzing customer data faster. They can then use this data to effectively better customer experience.

Why Choose MOKOSmart For Your IoT Smart Office?

Secure Devices

Security has always been a key aspect of our smart office solutions. With a MOKOSmart device, you can guarantee you have a device with up-to-date security protocols.

Easy to Use Devices

The best part about MOKOSmart devices is that they are easy to use, even for beginners who may not understand much about technology.

Innovative Technology

Here at MOKOSmart, we are always looking ahead. We spend our money and time trying to develop creative, innovative solutions that help to make our clients’ lives better.

What are Smart Offices?

In recent years, the traditional office as we know it has undergone a complete transformation making way for the smart office. The growing popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is mainly held accountable for this transformation. Currently, offices are utilizing different smart office solutions and IoT to create a hi-tech workplace that helps employees be more productive and work more efficiently.

Leveraging IoT and technology solutions, smart offices come alive and become intelligent buildings that automate most menial tasks allowing employees to focus on what matters most in the office. Furthermore, a smart office promotes connectivity allowing employees to connect and collaborate with each other despite their physical location.

Different Elements of a Smart Office

There are different elements of a smart office. They include:

• Smart Meeting Rooms

Meetings may not be the favorite part of the job for most employees. However smart meeting rooms are completely changing the dynamics of traditional meetings. Smart meeting rooms are managed by smart office solutions that help to streamline and improve the meeting process allowing for more efficient productivity for both in-house and remote attendees. These smart meeting rooms are usually created with technologies that make it easy for individuals to set up, schedule, and manage meetings.

• Smart Equipment

Do you know of standing desks? These desks are intended to make employees more productive, than the normal sitting desks. However, integrating IoT with furniture is knocking things like the smart desk out of the park. Smart office solutions are being used to develop smart desks. These desks can learn and understand their user’s preferences and adjust themselves to meet these needs automatically. Thus when employees are working the desk sets itself to settings that make them more comfortable, enabling them to be more productive.

What Are The Disadvantages of IoT Smart Office Solutions?

• Harder to Secure

Several cybersecurity experts claim that IoT is expanding and evolving faster than they can secure it. Since most smart office devices are dependent on IoT, it makes them harder to secure. Thus they are vulnerable to malicious actors, which can eventually lead to some devastating consequences such as data loss or breaches.

• Difficult to Configure

While IoT in the workplace is used to make things in the office easier, does not make it a simple technology. IoT devices are created using complex technologies that are difficult to deploy without prior knowledge, as causing an error is very difficult to fix.

• Expensive To Deploy

As effective as smart office solutions are, they do not come cheap. Furthermore, you also need to keep into account the cost of the people you have to hire to install and integrate the IoT devices in the workplace. It involves heavy investment and you really have to plan out your strategy and budget beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Creating your Smart Office To-Do List

When you start thinking of creating a smart office and upgrading your technology, you need to have a plan that assists you in making informed decisions. Your to-do list will help you decide which upgrades to include and which ones should take priority. Here is a comprehensive to-do list that will help you plan your smart office effectively.

  • Figure out your current business needs. Consult your employees and assess which areas are suffering the most due to lack of technology.
  • Evaluate your budget. You need to carefully look through your finances and figure out which technology upgrades you can afford. You need to be aware so you do not bite off more than you can chew by buying upgrades that do not make financial sense.
  • Consider the future of your company. Remember, no company stays static. You want to pick smart office solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to the growing or shrinking changes of your company.
  • Evaluate your security both offline and online. Remember, as you upgrade your technology, this comes with new security risks, and you want to ensure you are well-prepared for them.
  • Consider your office space and start thinking about how you want to arrange the office for the new upgrades that will be coming in with new smart office devices. You do not want the new upgrades to come in, and you have no space for them or haven’t figured out where to place them.

Selecting the Right Smart Office Solutions For Your Smart Office

Choosing the right smart office devices to transform your office into a smart office is a critical step. You do not have to pick every smart office solution for your company. You need to figure out which solutions will serve your company best. Thus you need to figure out your business goals and which IoT solutions will help you accomplish these goals. Furthermore, you need to figure out your budget and office space to understand which IoT solutions you can afford, and how many upgrades you can actually fit in your office space.

Some versatile technologies you can actually afford to include in your smart office include things like Bluetooth beacons from MOKOSmart. These beacons allow you to accomplish several tasks from creating indoor navigation systems that will help make it easier for employees to move around the office. Furthermore, with these Bluetooth beacons, companies can have smart office space and meeting rooms management to know which offices and meeting rooms are free and at what time.

Moreover, with the LoRaWAN sensors from MOKOSmart, companies can keep track of their inventory, and their employees more efficiently and in real-time.

These IoT solutions are just some of the versatile choices that you can select for your smart office.

How Will Smart Office Solutions Help in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Era?

There is no denying that the Corona virus pandemic has affected many sectors. However, as things move on and we try to find our new normal, technology solutions can be very effective in helping us navigate the post-pandemic era particularly in the office. There are a couple of IoT solutions from MOKOSmart that can help you effectively manage the workplace in the post-coronavirus pandemic era. Such as the LoRaWAN based contact tracing wearable button. This button allows people to notice when they getting too close to one another person.

They are also IoT sensors that help to track how many employees are in a room to ensure they are always a safe number of people in a room to prevent Covid-19 spread.