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B3 Emergency Button

B3 Emergency Button is a Bluetooth-enabled device engineered as a personal safety solution that can instantly trigger emergency help when needed. It is equipped with a large, circular trigger button designed for accessible one-touch activation of emergency alerts.

Powered by long-range Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the B3 emergency button offers reliable emergency activation from both home and public settings like elderly care facilities, schools, vehicles and open transit areas. Weighing just 20 grams, its slim and lightweight build allows for convenient carrying and wearing options. With bright LED alerts, the smart button brings rapid emergency response features in a simple click.

Product Features

> Prominent, easily accessible button for instant trigger of alerts
> Long-range Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity (150m)
> Circular LED effect to provide noticeable user reminders
> Bright, flashing LED lights for status alerts
> Compact and lightweight design

> Replaceable 600mAh battery with 3.5 year lifespan
> Operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C
> Installation options: 3M sticker and lanyard
> Minimal physical effort required to activate button
> Suitable for people with disabilities or limited mobility


One-Touch Emergency Alert System

One-Touch Emergency Alert System

Activate emergency response at the touch of a button. The 35mm trigger emergency button is optimized for easy pressing while the double-click or long-click design prevents false alarms. When triggered, the flashing lights and loud buzzer sounds ensure your emergency is seen and heard.

Bright, Flashing LED Alerts/Reminders

With a unique circular LED light strip, the B3 displays obvious flashes in red, green and blue for alerts and reminders. Different colored flashes can be customized for device startups, low battery warnings, remote notifications like medicine reminders, etc. The LED and buzzer can create noticeable alerts together.

Bright, Flashing LED Alerts/Reminders
Discreet, Convenient, Circular Design

Discreet, Convenient, Circular Design

The compact, 20-gram circular design is easy to install and effortlessly portable. Install it with 3M stickers or wear it via lanyard for accessible emergency functions without compromising convenience. The discreet styling of the emergency button keeps safe without drawing attention.

Applications of B3 Emergency Button

General Specs


BLE 5.0


Φ48.0*15.3mm (Body)
Φ35mm (Button)






Circular LED - Red/Green/Blue



Battery Capacity

600mAh | replaceable battery

Battery lifespan

3.5 years in default settings
Adv interval – 1000ms, Standby duration – 0, Tx Power – 0dBm,
without accelerometer sensor

Operating temperaure

-20°C to 60°C

Tramsmission range

150m (in open area without obstacles)


3M Sticker, Lanyard


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth


Type Title Date
Product Brief B3 Emergency Button Brief.pdf 10/14/2023

Video Display of B3 Emergency Button