LoRaWAN®-Based Smart Manhole Sensor

The LW007-MC manhole cover monitoring sensor is installed on the back of the manhole cover, which is placed horizontally as a normal state. The alarm condition is triggered when the manhole cover is tilted and the inclination angle is over 10° (configurable). The alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center through wireless transmission. Then, the monitoring center analyzes the data and judges the alarm.
The device, shown in Figure 1, can provide three wireless communication modes: LoRaWAN®-Based, NB-IoT and GPRS. It is powered by battery, and features easy mounting, long battery life, high detection accuracy and stable operation.

Working frequency 433MHz/470MHz/868MHz/915MHz LoRaWAN®
B1/B3/B5/B8/B20 NB-IoT
850/900/1800/1900MHz GPRS
Equipment type Class A LoRaWAN®
Antenna interface FPC
Operating Voltage Lithium battery ER26500+SPC1550(3.6V) ER26500+SPC1550 Not rechargeable
Battery Life 3-5years Test condition: Work normally and
report data up to twice a day
Maximum working current <200mA LoRaWAN®
<350mA NB-IoT
<2000mA GPRS
Sleeping current <25.0uA
Protection level
Shell material
IP68 PC+ABS Anti-aging,
anti-corrosion, anti-collision materials
Operating temperature (-25~+85)℃ Consumer SIM Card
(-40~+85)℃ Industrial SIM Card/LoRaWAN®
Storage temperature (-40~+85)℃
Measuring range 0°~ 180°
Measurement accuracy ±2°
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