Social Distancing Wristband Wearables

The entire world is in crisis due to the persistent COVID-19 pandemic, and contact tracing is incredibly necessary if we are going to be effective against it. Proximity sensors and Real Time Location Services (RTLS) have been revealed to be extremely effective tools for maintaining and observing social distancing, contact tracing, handwashing, and even the space between employees in any industry. MOKO Smart has developed a series of Social Distancing Wristband Wearables products(Bluetooth beacon) to help people in the fight against Covid-19. MOKO developed these so that any industry can leverage these products for ensuring safety in the workplace, as well as the ability to track critical patients in hospitals.

Social Distancing Wristbands

W2 Social Distancing Wearables
W2 Social Distancing Wearables
W5 Social Distancing Tracker
W5 Social Distancing Tracker
LW004-CT Social Diatancing Sensor
LW004-CT Social Diatancing Sensor

MOKO Social Distancing Wristband Advantages


• BLE & LoRaWAN Technology
• Supporting BLE 5.0
• Ultra Low Power Consumption
• Support Button and Motion Trigger
• RFID / NFC Sensor

Vibration Alert

Social Distancing / Vibration Alert

Our products provide you with real-time alerts for social distancing. When someone with a MOKO Wristband violates the company-set safety protocols and does not respect the WHO-recommended physical distance of 6 feet (2 meters), the wristband vibrates. In this situation, you will be able to take care of yourself in various scenarios. This will help both parties, notifying people if they come too close to a defined distance by a vibrating alert, which will reduce infection risk in public or working places.

Contact Tracing Solutions

These products will significantly assist both individuals and businesses in performing contact tracing for at-risk Coronavirus patients. The MOKO Contact Tracing Wristband will locate any other bands within the recommended social distancing guidelines of 6 feet (2 meters). In addition, this records the tracking data of people wearing the social distancing wristband, with the ID data uploaded (privacy secured).

Personnel Location Tracking

Personnel Location Tracking

These products leverage the capabilities of modern indoor GPS tracking solutions and IoT technologies for tracking the location of people who may have been exposed to the virus at one point or another. The movements of quarantined people or patients could be surveilled to know their real-time locations, and the information could be used to intervene before the virus can spread, assisting the authorities in implementing any quarantine or tracking policy. Leaving a quarantine location would be signaled by vibration, and that data would be reported to authorities instantly.

Social Distancing Wristband for Workshop Safety Display

MOKOSMART social distancing wristbands are a reliable device for today’s challenges of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Tracking solutions such as these assist companies in their mission to maintain the safety of their employees, by monitoring movements and implementing measurements to ensure safe social distancing practices. In addition, they can pinpoint and record violations, helping prevent COVID-19 transmission before it can begin. Finally, the wristbands’ vibrations lets workers know when they’re violating proper social distancing guidelines, which helps them in their pursuit of a safe, healthy workspace, which can help the entire company to remain functioning at the highest possible level.

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