The Beijing 2021 World Internet of Things Conference (WIOTC)

The Beijing 2021 World Internet of Things Conference (WIOTC)
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    Beijing played host to the 2021 edition of the WIOTC on Thursday, the 13th of January. The conference shined the spotlight on the potential of IoT in several sectors from agriculture, smart energy, medical care, and the World Top 500 IoT Summit under the theme of “Opening a new pattern in the Era of IoT and building a New Economy in the World of IoT.”

    Two important publications were released, The World Internet of Things White Paper and the Constitution of the International Convention on the Internet of Things (ICIOT). The occasion was also highlighted by the 2021 World Internet of Things Award and the top 500 list of 2021 world Internet of Things trailblazers.

    China will build an emerging market for IOT with over 1.4 million 5G base stations

    The conference attracted close to 10 million people from across the globe. State leaders, members of the fourth estate from multiple international newsrooms, and experts in academia set foot on the 2021 WIOTC stage. Ambassadors and business leaders from more than 80 countries also graced the occasion led by the chair of the conference and WIOTC Vice Chairman, Liang Zi.

    WIOTC Chairman of the Executive Committee

    WIOTC Chairman of the Executive Committee, He Xuming, pointed out in his keynote speech that the development of the world IoT has been remarkable. It is marked by the construction of network infrastructure, development of system platforms, testing applications for landing and industrial systems. Other contributions include development and accelerated innovation at the industry level and the hype surrounding concepts. He further noted that these developments were on the blink of establishing an emerging market for the Internet of things supported by over 1.4 million 5G base stations in China.

    The global Internet of Things might exceed $8 trillion in 2022 – WIOTC

    Xuming mentioned that China’s GDP is projected to grow by around 8% to reach 18 trillion US dollars. The Internet of Things is expected to account for 2 trillion Yuan growing by about 30% from the previous year. Subsequently, the US has heavily invested in research & development in groundbreaking technologies for the Internet of Things, including the latest chip-making technologies as well as a hint into a $200 billion stimulus package. In light of the strides made by China and the US in the IoT race, France, the UK, Japan, Netherlands, Iran, and South Korea have upgraded their industrial Internet of Things and intelligent chip manufacturing, among other developments.

    The Internet of Things is projected to top $8 trillion globally this year alone, with a forecasted annual growth of 20% moving forward. At its core, the Internet of Things will rely on connectivity as its cornerstone and key accelerator of growth. Ultimately, the goal is to form a robust ecosystem that will power the new age of the internet of everything.

    The chairman of the WIOTC executive committee, He Xuming, emphasized the crucial positioning of IoT. He Termed it as an intelligent co-dependent ecosystem of integrated networks sharing information and intelligence. This network is poised to deliver a new age of information technology, the digital economy, and the real economy through digitization.

    The committee of the members of the treaty organization will promote the Internet of things

    Conferencing is expected to utilize the Internet of things – international organization world conference on the Internet of things admits reception from government agencies across the world. The committee of the members of the treaty organization will promote the Internet of things under the mandate of the collaborative effort of multiple stakeholders led by the United Nations. All these actions are geared towards safeguarding the interests and rights of individual countries. Additionally, it will boost people’s right to privacy and propose workable solutions to global interconnectivity challenges.

    executive Chairman of the Executive Committee

    At the WIOTC, Shi Dinghuan, executive Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Conference, brought attention to the latest version of the white paper. ‘The 2021 World Internet of Things White Paper released by the Conference puts forward new understanding, definition, top-level architecture, industrial economic system, new economic model, economic market construction, and other forward-looking guidance,’’ he said.
    The treaty organization and the emerging global economy support basic expression, promote the infrastructure of the Internet of Things, its economic development, and set up the building blocks for an interconnected world. These efforts are targeted at the global uptake of IoT awareness, the definition of key attributes, practices, and the economics of the Internet of Things.

    The White Paper Paving The Way

    The White Paper highlights and draws attention to new structures, technicalities, characteristics, and theoretical framework of IoT as defined from its infancy and as it relates to the growth of the global economy. The main tenets of the progression of the Internet of Things, the new economic model, and the development of the global market are discussed.

    The White Paper also elaborates on the growing trend of the basic network of the Internet of Things. It further emphasizes visualization and its structural elements, real-time and post-tracking capabilities. The IoT economic market system is divided into several sectors, energy, health care, industry, logistics, agriculture, transportation, transport, aerospace, and intelligent life. It focuses on the sustainable development of the Internet and the new economic model to bridge the global digital divide. Subsequently, setting the pace for the new global economy and create sustainable networks.

    Su Tao, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the WIOTC, presented the International Convention on the Internet of Things articles of association. The WIOTC is a non-profit institution pushing and facilitating the agenda of global adoption of IoT. The purpose of the conference complements the UN objectives. That is, to arrange the world dealings for IoT worldwide show and the development of the Internet of Things worldwide in a new prudent market. The ultimate goal, however, is to contribute towards the UN’s SDGs through better interconnectivity.

    The convention further mentioned that it would now acknowledge applications from government offices, research foundations, social associations, and ventures from different nations. Hence, becoming members of the convention and mutually planning for the global adoption of the Internet of Things. The conditions, rules, and process of joining the International Convention on the Internet of Things were stipulated.

    described the initial practice and overall research

    Li Bohu described the initial practice and overall research of the new intelligent Internet of Things

    Li Bohu, an academician and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, conveyed a feature report on the Smart Internet of Things framework. He expounded on the preliminary practice and the entire research on the new smart IoT. It gives way to the new era, unique situations, as well as the journey by breaking down this cutting-edge technology. The report captures the technical pedigree, entire system architecture, and technologies of the Smart IoT. The application is a product of the astute framework created by experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering across all fields, including horticulture, energy, clinical treatment, transportation, and natural security.

    Subsequently, new innovation, design, and financial model will cover the fields of the public, such as the economy, livelihoods, and security. Human culture and its frameworks, models, mechanical means, and business structures will go through significant changes. The new model will impart new business types like digitalization, systems administration, cloud, and knowledge. It tends to be basically perceived as another type of Internet of Things, a different economic model and approach to IoT as we know it.

    IOT development in the world

    IOT development in the world – WIOTC

    Global chief digital technology officer of Haier Liu Jianguo conveyed a feature discourse for the world’s top 500 Enterprises in the Internet of Things. Haier Smart Home is a platform of revolutionary tech in the Internet of Things. It is an imaginative new economic model, another development for a better life and a brilliant experience for the majority.

    Zhang Qi, Vice Chairman of the Conference chief Committee and previous Director general of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, conveyed a phenomenal discourse on the Exploration and practice of the Internet of Things in China. China’s information infrastructure has established an application framework for developing and advancing the Internet of Things. The National Gold Card Office has driven the breakthroughs made through a popular initiative known as the Internet of Things in China.

    H.E. Sergey Manasaryan (Armenian Ambassador to China), H.E. Simon Pierre Adovelande (Benin envoy to China), UAE Ambassador to China, H.E. Ali AlDhaheri, Jordan’s envoy to China, H.E. Hussam Husseini, Egypt’s Ambassador to China, H.E. Mohamed Elbadri, and Sri Lanka’s envoy to China H.E. Palitha Kohona all went to the gathering and had a significant level spearheading discourse at the Ambassadors’ Forum.

    Ministers presented the current state of architecture, progress, and IoT economic adoption in their nations. They were sure to mention the gaps in the Internet of Things implementation and the need for capacity building in their countries. They showed extraordinary interest in partaking in global associations of the Internet of Things and setting up worldwide events like the 2021 WIOT.

    Su Yuting, an accomplished head of reporting at CCTV and bilingual host of CGTN, facilitated the highly interactive and eye-opening debate at the Ambassadors Forum.

    the 2021 WIOT

    Liu Meixi, the host of “Visit the Embassy,” presided over the special promotion category at the conference. H.E. Hallam Henry (Ambassador of Barbados) H.E. Myo Thant (Ambassador of Myanmar), and H.E. Aldonov Frankeko Alvarez (Ambassador of El Salvador), all of whom are stationed in China, made remarks. They represented their countries well and expressed their strong interest in artificial intelligence, IoT, and supply chains.

    Launching the WIOTC exhibition and broadcasting center

    Launching the WIOTC exhibition and broadcasting center was also done with Liu Meixi being appointed as the pioneering communications ambassador. Liu promised to make it a good exhibition center and made commitments of assuming the roles of communication ambassador. Additionally, this would enhance a fair and collaborative ground for economic, trade and cultural exchanges among countries.

    Release of 2021 Word IoT Awards

    Release of 2021 Word IoT Awards – WIOTC

    He Qiang, VC of the Executive Committee and the WIOTC Exec. Secretary delivered the rankings of the Top 500 Companies in the 2021 World Internet of Things Convention. Qiang noted that this list has been published yearly for the past five (5) years and has gained traction from UN agencies, organizations, specialists, researchers, and the world. It has made an impression to over 80 nations and more than 100,000 enterprises worldwide.

    Huawei has maintained the top seat over the years, and the VC was hopeful that the rest of the tech geniuses in the pack would continue making positive strides in advancing IoT. It was also his wish that these technology bigwigs yearn for a world that had everything interconnected.

    the IoT Summit for top 500 enterprises

    At the IoT Summit for top 500 enterprises, Hong-li Zhang, China industry development’s head of operations, Wang Zhicheng, who’s a member of the science and technology Committee of China Telcom Group, and Liu Hengjin, a tech expert at Tencent Cloud IoT, made their presentations on behalf of the other leading enterprises. The efforts behind the new and revolutionary IoT infrastructure, transformations in the industrial digital field, digitization, and intelligence dominated the airwaves at the summit.

    Some of the recognizable keynote speakers at the convention who spoke on the use of IoT in the industry, agriculture, energy, and such fields, include:

    • Zhao Chunjiang, Academinacian at Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • Xu Zhenyu, Anhui Luculent IoT Co. Ltd
    • Ding Wenpeng, Beijing Guoke Chengtai Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Equipment Co. Ltd
    • Huo Ning, General Manager of Zhiyun Tiandi Agricultural Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd
    • Zhang Qi, Beijing Guanghua Design and Development Foundation
    • Chu Jian, President of Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute

    In their speeches, they unanimously suggested that agricultural IoT was the future of the industry. They also noted that this would be the much-needed tool to help achieve the dual-carbon objective and that industrial IoT is its catalyst.

    The Beijing 2021 WIOTC

    The 2021 World Internet of Things recognitions would ultimately bring the conference to a close. The main keynote speakers at the awards event included:

    • Song Pinghui, VC of Huatie Media Group Co. LTD
    • Zhang Yunfei, Chief Scientist of Tencent Smart Transportation
    • Liu Zongwei, Ass. Researcher of the School of Vehicles and Transportation of Tsinghua University
    • Wang Lijian, Technical Director of China Electronics Standardization Institute

    These speakers were quick to note that the IoT application’s ultimate goal is the connection of vehicles and transport mechanisms. Additionally, healthcare stakeholders noted that healthcare is no longer a one-man’s job but a collaborative effort. The system should also be implemented across several economic sectors to improve the development process of IoT.

    The Beijing 2021 WIOTC Award 2021 and partners’ awards

    The Beijing 2021 WIOTC ended with cheers from representatives of top 500 enterprises on the world Internet of Things List 2021, nominees of the World Internet of Things Award 2021 and partners’ awards.

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